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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 What is driving the rise in health care expenditures? An inquiry into the nature and causes of the cost diseaseErixon, Fredrik; Van der Marel, Erik
2014 The costs of data localisation: Friendly fire on economic recoveryBauer, Matthias; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Van der Marel, Erik; Verschelde, Bert
2014 A friendly fire on economic recovery: A methodology to estimate the costs of data regulationsVan der Marel, Erik; Bauer, Matthias; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2015 The health of nations: A transatlantic trade and investment agenda for better healthcareErixon, Fredrik; Ferracane, Martina Francesca; Van der Marel, Erik
2015 Disentangling the flows of data: Inside or outside the multinational company?Van der Marel, Erik
2015 The importance of complementary policy for ICT in the EUVan der Marel, Erik
2015 Positioning on the global value chain map: Where do you want to be?Van der Marel, Erik
2015 Data localisation in Russia: A self-imposed sanctionBauer, Matthias; Hosuk, Lee-Makiyama; Van der Marel, Erik; Verschelde, Bert
2016 Unleashing internal data flows in the EU: An economic assessment of data localisation measures in the EU member statesBauer, Matthias; Ferracane, Martina F.; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Van der Marel, Erik
2018 The economic impact of local content requirements: A case study of heavy vehiclesDeringer, Hanna; Erixon, Fredrik; Lamprecht, Philipp; Van der Marel, Erik
2020 Globalization isn't in decline: It's changingVan der Marel, Erik