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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005Tax policy and human capital formation with public investment in educationValente, Simone
2005Growth, Conventional Production and Tourism Specialisation: Technological Catching-up Versus Terms-of-Trade EffectsValente, Simone
2005Genuine dissaving and optimal growthValente, Simone
2006The Direction of Technical Change in Capital-Resource EconomiesDi Maria, Corrado; Valente, Simone
2006Trade, Envy and Growth: International Status Seeking in a Two-Country WorldValente, Simone
2006Intergenerational Transfers, Lifetime Welfare and Resource PreservationValente, Simone
2006Notes on Habit Formation and Socially Optimal GrowthValente, Simone
2007Habit Formation, Dynastic Altruism, and Population DynamicsSchäfer, Andreas; Valente, Simone
2007International Status Seeking, Trade, and Growth LeadershipValente, Simone
2007Human Capital, Resource Constraints and Intergenerational FairnessValente, Simone
2009Optimal Policy and Non-Scale Growth with R&D ExternalitiesValente, Simone
2009Accumulation Regimes in Dynastic Economies with Resource Dependence and Habit FormationValente, Simone
2009Endogenous Growth, Backstop Technology Adoption and Optimal JumpsValente, Simone
2010Endogenous Growth, Asymmetric Trade and Resource TaxationBretschger, Lucas; Valente, Simone
2010Resource Wealth, Innovation and Growth in the Global EconomyPeretto, Pietro F.; Valente, Simone
2011International Partnerships, Foreign Control and Income Levels: Theory and EvidenceBrunnschweiler, Christa N.; Valente, Simone
2011International Trade and Net Investment: Theory and EvidenceBretschger, Lucas; Valente, Simone
2011Growth on a Finite Planet: Resources, Technology and Population in the Long RunPeretto, Pietro F.; Valente, Simone
2013China saving's multiplierMehlum, Halvor; Torvik, Ragnar; Valente, Simone
2013International Resource Tax Policies Beyond Rent ExtractionBretschger, Lucas; Valente, Simone