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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Tax policy and human capital formation with public investment in educationValente, Simone
2005 Genuine dissaving and optimal growthValente, Simone
2005 Growth, Conventional Production and Tourism Specialisation: Technological Catching-up Versus Terms-of-Trade EffectsValente, Simone
2006 Notes on Habit Formation and Socially Optimal GrowthValente, Simone
2006 Intergenerational Transfers, Lifetime Welfare and Resource PreservationValente, Simone
2006 The Direction of Technical Change in Capital-Resource EconomiesDi Maria, Corrado; Valente, Simone
2006 Trade, Envy and Growth: International Status Seeking in a Two-Country WorldValente, Simone
2007 Human Capital, Resource Constraints and Intergenerational FairnessValente, Simone
2007 Habit Formation, Dynastic Altruism, and Population DynamicsSchäfer, Andreas; Valente, Simone
2007 International Status Seeking, Trade, and Growth LeadershipValente, Simone
2009 Optimal Policy and Non-Scale Growth with R&D ExternalitiesValente, Simone
2009 Accumulation Regimes in Dynastic Economies with Resource Dependence and Habit FormationValente, Simone
2009 Endogenous Growth, Backstop Technology Adoption and Optimal JumpsValente, Simone
2010 Resource Wealth, Innovation and Growth in the Global EconomyPeretto, Pietro F.; Valente, Simone
2010 Endogenous Growth, Asymmetric Trade and Resource TaxationBretschger, Lucas; Valente, Simone
2011 International Partnerships, Foreign Control and Income Levels: Theory and EvidenceBrunnschweiler, Christa N.; Valente, Simone
2011 Growth on a Finite Planet: Resources, Technology and Population in the Long RunPeretto, Pietro F.; Valente, Simone
2011 International Trade and Net Investment: Theory and EvidenceBretschger, Lucas; Valente, Simone
2013 International Resource Tax Policies Beyond Rent ExtractionBretschger, Lucas; Valente, Simone
2013 China saving's multiplierMehlum, Halvor; Torvik, Ragnar; Valente, Simone