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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009The resolution game: A multiple selves perspectiveMigrow, Dimitri; Uhl, Matthias
2010Do self-committers mind commitment by others? An experiment on weak paternalismUhl, Matthias
2010Imperfect recall and time inconsistencies: An experimental test of the absentminded driver 'paradox'Levati, Maria Vittoria; Uhl, Matthias; Zultan, Ro'i
2011The resolution game: A dual selves perspectiveMigrow, Dimitri; Uhl, Matthias
2011The effects of legislated tax changes in GermanyHayo, Bernd; Uhl, Matthias
2011Challenging the intrapersonal empathy gap: An experiment with self-commitment powerUhl, Matthias
2012Paternalism with hindsight do protégés react consequentialistically to paternalism?Kataria, Mitesh; Levati, M. Vittoria; Uhl, Matthias
2012Regional effects of federal tax shocksHayo, Bernd; Uhl, Matthias
2013A history of tax legislation in the Federal Republic of GermanyUhl, Matthias
2014State Fiscal Policies and Regional Economic ActivityUhl, Matthias
2014Taxation and Labour Supply: Evidence from a Representative Population SurveyHayo, Bernd; Uhl, Matthias
2014Topics in fiscal policy: Evidence from a representative survey of the German populationHayo, Bernd; Neumeier, Florian; Uhl, Matthias
2014Taxation and consumption: Evidence from a representative survey of the German populationHayo, Bernd; Uhl, Matthias
2016Pleasing or fighting future tastes? Projection bias versus conflict of selvesKrügel, Sebastian; Uhl, Matthias
2017Domestic and foreign demand for euro banknotes issued in GermanyBartzsch, Nikolaus; Uhl, Matthias
2017Spot On For Liars! How Public Scrutiny Influences Ethical BehaviorOstermaier, Andreas; Uhl, Matthias
2017Pleasing or Fighting Future Tastes? Projection Bias versus Conflict of SelvesKrügel, Sebastian; Uhl, Matthias
2018Ethics, morality, and game theoryAlfano, Mark; Rusch, Hannes; Uhl, Matthias
2019Cash use in Germany - Macroeconomic estimates of the extent of illicit cash use in GermanyBartzsch, Nikolaus; Schneider, Friedrich; Uhl, Matthias
2020Coin migration between Germany and other euro area countriesUhl, Matthias