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1991 A Competitive Analysis of Rural Credit: State-Contingent Loans in Northern NigeriaUdry, Christopher
1991 Risk, Insurance and Default in a Rural Credit Market: An Empirical Investigation in Northern NigeriaUdry, Christopher
2003 Intrahousehold Resource Allocation in Côte D'ivoire: Social Norms, Separate Accounts and Consumption ChoicesDuflo, Esther; Udry, Christopher
2003 Child LaborUdry, Christopher
2004 Social Networks in GhanaUdry, Christopher; Conley, Timothy G.
2004 Consumption Smoothing? Livestock, Insurance and Drought in Rural Burkina FasoKazianga, Harounan; Udry, Christopher
2005 Rural Financial Markets in Developing CountriesConning, Jonathan; Udry, Christopher
2005 Institutions and development: a view from belowPande, Rohini; Udry, Christopher
2005 The profits of power: land rights and agricultural investment in GhanaGoldstein, Markus; Udry, Christopher
2006 The return to capital in GhanaUdry, Christopher; Anagol, Santosh
2012 Agricultural decisions after relaxing credit and risk constraintsKarlan, Dean; Osei-Akoto, Isaac; Osei, Robert Darko; Udry, Christopher
2012 Hoping to win, expected to lose: Theory and lessons on micro enterprise developmentKarlan, Dean; Knight, Ryan; Udry, Christopher
2013 Probability of fertilizer: Experimental evidence from female rice farmers in MaliBeaman, Lori; Karlan, Dean; Thuysbaert, Bram; Udry, Christopher
2014 Rainfall forecasts, weather and wages over the agricultural production cycleRosenzweig, Mark R.; Udry, Christopher
2014 Self-selection into credit markets: Evidence from agriculture in MaliBeaman, Lori; Karlan, Dean; Thuysbaert, Bram; Udry, Christopher
2016 External validity in a stochastic worldRosenzweig, Mark Richard; Udry, Christopher
2019 Assessing the benefits of long-run weather forecasting for the rural poor: Farmer investments and worker migration in a dynamic equilibrium modelRosenzweig, Mark R.; Udry, Christopher
2021 Falling living standards during the COVID-19 crisis: Quantitative evidence from nine developing countriesEgger, Dennis; Miguel, Edward; Warren, Shana S.; Shenoy, Ashish; Collins, Elliott; Karlan, Dean; Parkerson, Doug; Mobarak, A. Mushfiq; Fink, Günther; Udry, Christopher; Walker, Michael; Haushofer, Johannes; Larreboure, Magdalena; Athey, Susan; Lopez-Pena, Paula; Benhachmi, Salim; Humphreys, Macartan; Lowe, Layna; Meriggi, Niccoló F.; Wabwire, Andrew; Davis, C. Austin; Pape, Utz Johann; Graff, Tilman; Voors, Maarten; Nekesa, Carolyn; Vernot, Corey