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2006Asset prices, financial fragility, and central bankingTymoigne, Éric
2006An inquiry into the nature of money: an alternative to the functional approachTymoigne, Éric
2006Fisher's theory of interest rates and the notion of real: a critiqueTymoigne, Éric
2008Minsky and economic policy :Keynesianism” all over again?Tymoigne, Éric
2008Macroeconomics meets Hyman P. Minsky: the financial theory of investmentWray, L. Randall; Tymoigne, Éric
2009It isn't working: Time for more radical policiesTymoigne, Éric; Wray, L. Randall
2010Detecting Ponzi finance: An evolutionary approach to the measure of financial fragilityTymoigne, Éric
2010Financial stability, regulatory buffers, and economic growth: Some postrecession regulatory implicationsTymoigne, Éric
2011Measuring macroprudential riskTymoigne, Éric
2012Measuring macroprudential risk through financial fragility: A Minskyan approachTymoigne, Éric
2013Modern Money Theory 101: A reply to criticsTymoigne, Éric; Wray, L. Randall
2014Modern Money Theory and interrelations between the treasury and the central bank: The case of the United StatesTymoigne, Éric
2014Monetary mechanics: A financial viewTymoigne, Éric
2017On the centrality of redemption: Linking the state and credit theories of money through a financial approach to moneyTymoigne, Éric
2021Seven replies to the critiques of Modern Money TheoryTymoigne, Éric
2023Modern money theory on fiscal and monetary policies: empirics, theory, and praxisTymoigne, Éric