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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Alternative measures of the explanatory power of multivariate probit models with continuous or ordinal responsesSpiess, Martin; Tutz, Gerhard
2003 Response smoothing estimators in binary regressionTutz, Gerhard
2003 Aggregating classifiers with ordinal response structureTutz, Gerhard; Hechenbichler, Klaus
2003 Additive Modelling with Penalized Regression Splines and Genetic AlgorithmsKrause, Rüdiger; Tutz, Gerhard
2003 A Framework to Discover Emerging Patterns for Application in Microarray DataBoulesteix, Anne-Laure; Tutz, Gerhard
2003 Local Principal CurvesTutz, Gerhard; Einbeck, Jochen; Evers, Ludger
2004 On association in regression: the coefficient of determination revisitedvan der Linde, A.; Tutz, Gerhard
2004 Variable selection and discrimination in gene expression data by genetic algorithmsKrause, Rüdiger; Tutz, Gerhard
2004 Identification of interaction patterns and classification with applications to microarray dataBoulesteix, Anne-Laure; Tutz, Gerhard
2004 Generalized additive modelling with implicit variable selection by likelihood based boostingTutz, Gerhard; Binder, Harald
2004 Simultaneous selection of variables and smoothing parameters by genetic algorithmsKrause, Rüdiger; Tutz, Gerhard
2004 Localized regressionTutz, Gerhard; Binder, Harald
2004 Modelling beyond regression functions: an application of multimodal regression to speed-flow dataEinbeck, Jochen; Tutz, Gerhard
2005 Flexible semiparametric mixed modelsTutz, Gerhard; Reithinger, Florian
2005 Generalized monotonic regression based on B-splines with an application to air pollution dataLeitenstorfer, Florian; Tutz, Gerhard
2005 Boosting ridge regressionTutz, Gerhard; Binder, Harald
2005 Generalized smooth monotonic regressionTutz, Gerhard; Leitenstorfer, Florian
2006 Knot selection by boosting techniquesLeitenstorfer, Florian; Tutz, Gerhard
2006 Penalized regression with correlation based penaltyTutz, Gerhard; Ulbricht, Jan
2006 Smoothing sparse and unevenly sampled curves using semiparametric mixed models: an application to online auctionsReithinger, Florian; Jank, Wolfgang; Tutz, Gerhard; Shmueli, Galit