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2000On the Dynamics of Interest Group Formation and Endogenous PolicymakingSadiraj, Vjollca; Tuinstra, Jan; van Winden, Frans A.A.M.
2001Endogenous fluctuations in the demand for educationNeugart, Michael; Tuinstra, Jan
2003Coordination of Expectations in Asset Pricing ExperimentsHommes, Cars; Sonnemans, Joep; Tuinstra, Jan; van de Velden, Henk
2005On the Size of the Winning Set in the Presence of Interest GroupsSadiraj, Vjollca; Tuinstra, Jan; van Winden, Frans
2005Illinois WallsSchinkel, Maarten Pieter; Tuinstra, Jan; Rüggeberg, Jakob
2006On the size of the winning set in the presence of interest groupsSadiraj, Vjollca; Tuinstra, Jan; van Winden, Frans
2006Quantifying the Scope for Efficiency Defense in Merger Control: The Werden-Froeb-IndexGoppelsroeder, Marie; Schinkel, Maarten Pieter; Tuinstra, Jan
2006A Behavioral Model for Participation Games with Negative FeedbackDindo, Pietro; Tuinstra, Jan
2008Positive Expectations Feedback Experiments and Number Guessing Games as Models of Financial MarketsSonnemans, Joep; Tuinstra, Jan
2009Identification of Voters with Interest Groups improves the Electoral Chances of the ChallengerSadiraj, Vjollca; Tuinstra, Jan; van Winden, Frans
2010A class of evolutionary models for participation gamesDindo, Pietro; Tuinstra, Jan
2010Identification of voters with interest groups improves the electoral chances of the challengerSadiraj, Vjollca; Tuinstra, Jan; van Winden, Frans
2012Individual Expectations, Limited Rationality and Aggregate OutcomesBao, Te; Hommes, Cars; Sonnemans, Joep; Tuinstra, Jan
2013Positive welfare effects of trade barriers in a dynamic equilibrium modelTuinstra, Jan; Wegener, Michael; Westerhoff, Frank
2013Strategies and Evolution in the Minority Game: A Multi- Round Strategy ExperimentLinde, Jona; Sonnemans, Joep; Tuinstra, Jan
2015Side effects of nonlinear profit taxes in an evolutionary market entry model: abrupt changes, coexisting attractors and hysteresis problemsSchmitt, Noemi; Tuinstra, Jan; Westerhoff, Frank
2015Discretionary Authority and Prioritizing in Government AgenciesSchinkel, Maarten Pieter; Tóth, Lukás; Tuinstra, Jan
2017Stability and welfare effects of profit taxes within an evolutionary market interaction modelSchmitt, Noemi; Tuinstra, Jan; Westerhoff, Frank
2019The Effect of Futures Markets on the Stability of Commodity Pricesde Jong, Johan; Sonnemans, Joep; Tuinstra, Jan