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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Political institutions, state capabilities and public policy: International evidenceScartascini, Carlos; Stein, Ernesto; Tommasi, Mariano
2008 The political economy of productivity: Actors, arenas, and policies. A framework of analysisMurillo, María Victoria; Scartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
2008 Veto Players, intertemporal interactions and policy adaptability: How do political institutions work?Scartascini, Carlos; Stein, Ernesto; Tommasi, Mariano
2009 The Making of Policy: Institutionalized or Not?Scartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
2009 Political Institutions and Street Protests in Latin AmericaMachado, Fabiana; Scartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
2009 Political institutions, intertemporal cooperation, and the quality of policiesScartascini, Carlos; Stein, Ernesto; Tommasi, Mariano
2010 Political Institutions, Policymaking, and Economic Policy in Latin AmericaArdanaz, Martin; Scartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
2010 Veto Players and Policy Trade-Offs- An Intertemporal Approach to Study the Effects of Political Institutions on PolicyScartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano; Stein, Ernesto
2012 On the Institutionalization of Congress(es) in Latin America and BeyondPalanza, Valeria; Scartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
2012 The Politics of Federalism in Argentina: Implications for Governance and AccountabilityArdanaz, Martin; Leiras, Marcelo; Tommasi, Mariano
2012 Legislative Effort and Career Paths in the Argentine CongressRossi, Martín A.; Tommasi, Mariano
2012 Institucionalización de las instituciones políticas y su impacto sobre las políticas públicasScartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
2013 Are We All Playing the Same Game? The Economic Effects of Constitutions Depend on the Degree of InstitutionalizationCaruso, German; Scartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
2017 Construyendo capacidades institucionales para implementar PDP: El caso de las políticas de promoción del diseño en la ArgentinaChudnovsky, Mariana; González, Andrea; Hallak, Juan Carlos; Sidders, Mercedes; Tommasi, Mariano