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2015Is the Labour Force Participation Rate Non-Stationary in Romania?Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Mutascu, Mihai
2016A historical analysis of the US stock price index using empirical mode decomposition over 1791-2015Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Dar, Arif Billah; Bhanja, Niyati; Gupta, Rangan
2019Put-Call Ratio volume vs. open interest in predicting market return: A frequency domain rolling causality analysisJena, Sangram Keshari; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Mitra, Amarnath
2019The role of ICT and financial development on CO2 emissions and economic growthRaheem, Ibrahim Dolapo; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Balsalobre-lorente, Daniel
2019Market-risk optimization among the developed and emerging markets with cvar measure and copula simulationTrabelsi, Nader; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar
2019Dependence risk analysis in energy, agricultural and precious metals commodities: A pair vine copula approachKumar, Satish; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Raheem, Ibrahim Dolapo; Ji, Qiang
2020A wavelet-based analysis of the co-movement between sukuk bonds and Shariah stock indices in the GCC region: Implications for risk diversificationNasreen, Samia; Naqvi, Syed Asif Ali; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Hammoudeh, Shawkat; Shah, Syed Ale Raza
2021The spillover of inflation among the G7 countriesIstiak, Khandokar; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Husain, Humaira; Kazi Sohag
2021Volatility spillover dynamics between large-, mid-, and small-cap stocks in the time-frequency domain: Implications for portfolio managementJena, Sangram Keshari; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Dash, Ashutosh; Abakah, Emmanuel Joel Aikins
2021Inflation co-movement dynamics: A cross-country investigation using a continuous wavelet approachTiwari, Aviral Kumar; Abakah, Emmanuel Joel Aikins; Gil-AlaƱa, Luis A.; Abakah, Moses Kenneth
2022Extreme connectedness between green bonds, government bonds, corporate bonds and other asset classes: Insights for portfolio investorsAbakah, Emmanuel Joel Aikins; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Sharma, Aarzoo; Mwamtambulo, Dorika Jeremiah
2022Dynamics between power consumption and economic growth at aggregated and disaggregated (sectoral) level using the frequency domain causalityDash, Ashutosh; Jena, Sangram Keshari; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Hammoudeh, Shawkat