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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Youth as Environmental Custodians: A Potential Tragedy or A Sustainable Business and Livelihood Model?Holden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2016How pro-poor are land rental markets in Ethiopia?Holden, Stein Terje; Bezu, Sosina; Tilahun, Mesfin
2017The importance of Ostrom's design principles: Youth group performance in Northern EthiopiaHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2017Can the land rental market facilitate smallholder commercialization? Evidence from northern EthiopiaGebru, Menasbo; Holden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2017Group Trust in Youth Business Groups: Influenced by Risk Tolerance and Expected TrustworthinessHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2017Land Distribution in Northern Ethiopia from 1998 to 2016: Gender-disaggregated, Spatial and Intertemporal VariationHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2018Gender Digital Divide and Youth Business Group LeadershipHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2018Land rental as a complementary income source for land-poor youthHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2018Gender Differences in Risk Tolerance, Trust and Trustworthiness: Are They Related?Holden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2019The Devil is in the Details: Risk Preferences, Choice List Design, and Measurement ErrorHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2019Gender Assessment of Youth Business Groups: Female Participation and CharacteristicsHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2019How Do Social Preferences and Norms of Reciprocity affect Generalized and Particularized Trust?Holden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2019Are land-poor youth accessing rented land? Evidence from Northern EthiopiaHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2019How related are risk preferences and time preferences?Holden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2019Youth Business Groups and Leadership: - Group Leader and Member Survey StatisticsHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2020Farm size and gender distribution of land: Evidence from Ethiopian land registry dataHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2020Endowment Effects and Loss Aversion in the Risky Investment GameHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin
2020Mental Zooming as Variable Asset Integration in Inter-temporal ChoiceHolden, Stein T.; Sommervoll, Dag Einar; Tilahun, Mesfin
2020Magnitude Effects and Utility Curvature in Inter-temporal ChoiceHolden, Stein T.; Tilahun, Mesfin; Sommervoll, Dag Einar
2020The effects of gender empowerment training on within-group gender differences in performance and overall group performance: A Pre-Analysis PlanHolden, Stein Terje; Tilahun, Mesfin; Vorlaufer, Tobias; Engel, Stefanie