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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 The chief technology officer (CTO) in theory and practice: A literature review and results from field research in JapanHerstatt, Cornelius; Tietze, Frank; Nagahira, Akio; Probert, David
2006 Towards advanced Intellectual property management - Events and stages during the development. Evidence from the biotech sectorTietze, Frank; Granstrand, Ove; Herstatt, Cornelius
2007 Exploring the correlation of patent ownership and firm success: Cases from the LCD flat panel display industryReul, Ervilia; Tietze, Frank; Herstatt, Cornelius
2008 Technology market intermediaries to facilitate external technology exploitation: The case of IP auctionsTietze, Frank
2009 Intermediaries and Innovation: Why they emerge and how they facilitate IP transactions on the markets for technologyTietze, Frank; Herstatt, Cornelius
2010 A typology of technology market intermediariesTietze, Frank
2011 Firms' transition towards green product service system innovatorsTietze, Frank; Schiederig, Tim; Herstatt, Cornelius
2011 What is green Innovation? A quantitative literature reviewSchiederig, Tim; Tietze, Frank; Herstatt, Cornelius
2012 The emergence of care robotics: A publication and patent analysisGöldner, Moritz; Herstatt, Cornelius; Tietze, Frank; Rehder, Saskia
2013 To own or not to own: How ownership affects user innovation - An empirical study in the German rowing communityTietze, Frank; Pieper, Thorsten; Herstatt, Cornelius