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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Sources of GrowthAudretsch, David; Thurik, Roy
2000 Business Ownership and Economic Growth in 23 OECD CountriesCarree, Martin; van Stel, André; Thurik, Roy; Wennekers, Sander
2001 An Eclectic Theory of Entrepreneurship: Policies, Institutions and CultureVerheul, Ingrid; Wennekers, Sander; Audretsch, David; Thurik, Roy
2002 The Value of Human and Social Capital Investments for the Business Performance of Start-upsBosma, Niels; van Praag, Mirjam; Thurik, Roy; de Wit, Gerrit
2003 Uncertainty Avoidance and the Rate of Business Ownership across 22 OECD Countries, 1976-2000Wennekers, Sander; Thurik, Roy; van Stel, André; Noorderhaven, Niels
2004 Business Ownership and Unemployment in Japanvan Acht, Joost; Stam, Joop; Thurik, Roy; Verheul, Ingrid
2005 The effect of entrepreneurial activity on national economic growthvan Stel, André J.; Carree, Martin A.; Thurik, Roy
2005 Explaining female and male entrepreneurship at the country levelVerheul, Ingrid; van Stel, André; Thurik, Roy
2006 The Lag Structure of the Impact of Business Ownership on Economic Performance in OECD CountriesCarree, Martin; Thurik, Roy
2006 Allocation and Productivity of Time in new Ventures of Female and Male EntrepreneurshipsVerheul, Ingrid; Carree, Martin; Thurik, Roy
2006 The Entrepreneurial Ladder and its Determinantsvan der Zwan, Peter; Thurik, Roy; Grilo, Isabel
2007 The Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Unemployment in Japanvan Stel, André; Thurik, Roy; Verheul, Ingrid; Baljeu, Lendert
2007 The Relation between Economic Development and Business Ownership revisitedCarree, Martin; van Stel, André; Thurik, Roy; Wennekers, Sander
2007 Does Self-Employment Reduce Unemployment?Audretsch, David B.; Thurik, Roy; van Stel, André; Carree, M.A.
2008 Determinants of entrepreneurial engagement levels in Europe and the USGrilo, Isabel; Thurik, Roy
2008 The Contribution of Business Ownership in Bringing Down Unemployment in Japanvan Stel, André; Baljeu, Lendert; Thurik, Roy; Verheul, Ingrid
2008 Entrepreneurial Exit in Real and Imagined MarketsStam, Erik; Thurik, Roy; van der Zwan, Peter
2009 Total Factor Productivity and the Role of EntrepreneurshipErken, Hugo; Donselaar, Piet; Thurik, Roy
2009 Entrepreneurial Progress: Climbing The Entrepreneurial Ladder in Europe and The USvan der Zwan, Peter; Verheul, Ingrid; Thurik, Roy; Grilo, Isabel
2009 Education and Entrepreneurial Choice: An Instrumental Variables AnalysisBlock, Joern H.; Hoogerheide, Lennart; Thurik, Roy