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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Distributional and Behavioural Effects of Child Care SubsidiesThoresen, Thor Olav
1995 The Distributional Impact of the Norwegian Tax Reform Measured by DisproportionalityThoresen, Thor Olav
1997 The Norwegian Tax Reform; Distributional Effects and the High-income ResponseAarbu, Karl Ove; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2006 Effects of Family Policy Reforms in Norway. Results from a Joint Labor Supply and Child Care Choice Microsimulation AnalysisKornstad, Tom; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2008 Parents' desire to make equal inter vivos transfersHalvorsen, Elin; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2008 Shifts in organizational form under a dual income tax systemThoresen, Thor Olav; Alstadsæter, Annette
2009 Income mobility of owners of small businesses when boundaries between occupations are vagueThoresen, Thor Olav
2012 Theoretical and practical arguments for modeling labor supply as a choice among latent jobsDagsvik, John K.; Jia, Zhiyang; Kornstad, Tom; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2013 Taxes on the Internet: Deterrence effects of public disclosureSlemrod, Joel; Thoresen, Thor Olav; Bø, Erlend Eide
2015 Heterogeneity of the Carnegie EffectBø, Erlend Eide; Halvorsen, Elin; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2016 Distributional Implications of Joint Tax EvasionNygård, Odd Erik; Slemrod, Joel; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2017 Distributional Effects of the Wealth Tax under a Lifetime-Dynastic Income ConceptHalvorsen, Elin; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2020 Alternatives to Paying Child Benefit to the Rich: Means Testing or Higher Tax?Apps, Patricia; Rees, Ray; Thoresen, Thor Olav; Vattø, Trine Engh
2020 Do Audits Improve Future Tax Compliance in the Absence of Penalties? Evidence from Random Audits in NorwayHebous, Shafik; Jia, Zhiyang; Løyland, Knut; Thoresen, Thor Olav; Øvrum, Arnstein