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1987Income transfers to LDC's under asymmetric information: A two country modelThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Timothy
1988Cartel stability in an exhaustible resource modelThomas, Jonathan P.
1988Minimax punishments in discounted two-person supergamesThomas, Jonathan P.
1990Foreign direct investment and the risk of expropriationThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Tim
1993Pooling sovereignty risks: The case of environmental treaties and international debtMohr, Ernst; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2000An Analysis of Labour Adjustment Costs in Unionized EconomiesModesto, Leonor; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2002Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvencyThomas, Jonathan P.
2002Gift-Giving, Quasi-Credit and ReciprocityThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Tim
2003Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvency and their effect on capital flowsThomas, Jonathan P.
2006Labour contracts, equal treatment and wage-unemployment dynamicsSnell, Andy; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2007Limited commitment models of the labor marketThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Tim
2009Real and nominal wage rigidity in a model of equal-treatment contractingMartins, Pedro Silva; Snell, Andy; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2010Measuring what employers really do about entry wages over the business cycleMartins, Pedro Silva; Solon, Gary; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2011Minu, startu and all that: Pitfalls in estimating the sensitivity of a worker's wage to aggregate unemploymentMartins, Pedro S.; Snell, Andy; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2016Bias in Returns to Tenure When Firm Wages and Employment Comove: A Quantitative Assessment and SolutionMartins, Pedro S.; Snell, Andy; Stüber, Heiko; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2018Downward Real Wage Rigidity and Equal Treatment Wage Contracts: Theory and EvidenceSnell, Andy; Stüber, Heiko; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2022Training, Worker Mobility, and Employer CoordinationMartins, Pedro S.; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2023Employers' Associations, Worker Mobility, and TrainingMartins, Pedro S.; Thomas, Jonathan P.