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1998 Transportation networks and the location of human activitiesPeeters, Dominique; Thisse, Jacques; Thomas, Isabelle
2003 Distance decay in activity chains analysis. A Belgian case studyThomas, Isabelle; Verhetsel, Ann; Hammadou, Hakim; Vanhofstraeten, Dries
2003 Using fractal dimensions for characterizing intra-urban diversity. The example of BrusselsThomas, Isabelle; Keersmaecker, Marie-Laurence De; Frankhauser, Pierre
2004 How to incorporate the spatial dimension within destination choice models? The case of AntwerpenThomas, Isabelle; Verhetsel, Ann; Witlox, Frank; Hammadou, Hakim; Tindemans, Hans; Hofstraeten, Dries Van
2004 Fractal dimension versus density of the built-up surfaces in the periphery of BrusselsDekeersmaecker, Marie-Laurence; Frankhauser, Pierre; Thomas, Isabelle
2005 Does the Shape of a Territory Influence the Locations of Human Activities? A Numerical Geography ApproachPeeters, Dominique; Thomas, Isabelle
2006 Residential Equilibrium in a Multifractal Metropolitan Area.Thomas, Isabelle; Cavailhes, Jean; Frankhauser, Pierre; Peeters, Dominique
2006 A Geo-Statistical Analysis of Road Mortality in the Enlarged EUThomas, Isabelle; Eksler, Vojtech; Lassarre, Sylvain
2010 The influence of urban sprawl on farmland prices in BelgiumCavailhés, Jean; Thomas, Isabelle
2010 EMPLOYER MOBILITY PLANS: ACCEPTABILITY, EFFICIENCY AND COSTSMalderen, Laurent Van; Jourquin, Bart; Thomas, Isabelle; Vanoutrive, Thomas; Verhetsel, Ann; Witlox, Frank
2012 Employers Transport Plans: Do They Change The Commuting Behaviour Of Workers?Malderen, Laurent Van; Jourquin, Bart; Thomas, Isabelle
2015 Forecasting jobs location choices by Discrete Choice Models: A sensitivity analysis to scale and implications for LUTI modelsJones, Jonathan; Thomas, Isabelle; Peeters, Dominique