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2002 Pitfalls and solutions in the application of spatial computable general equilibrium models for transport appraisalTavasszy, Lóri; Thissen, Mark; Muskens, Jos; Oosterhaven, Jan
2004 Labour migration in Europe and the New Economic GeographyThissen, Mark; Oort, Frank Van
2013 Integration and Convergence in Regional Europe: European Regional Trade Flows from 2000 to 2010Thissen, Mark; Oort, Frank Van; Diodato, Dario
2014 The Magnitude and Distance Decay of Trade in Goods and Services: New Evidence for European CountriesBurger, Martijn J.; Thissen, Mark; van Oort, Frank G.; Diodato, Dario
2018 EUREGIO: The construction of a global IO DATABASE with regional detail for Europe for 2000-2010Thissen, Mark; Lankhuizen, Maureen; van Oort, Frank G.; Los, Bart; Diodato, Dario
2019 The Implications of Brexit for UK and EU Regional CompetitivenessThissen, Mark; van Oort, Frank G.; McCann, Philip; Ortega-Argilés, Rauel; Husby, Trond
2019 European NUTS 2 regions: construction of interregional trade-linked Supply and Use tables with consistent transport flowsThissen, Mark; Ivanova, Olga; Mandras, Giovanni; Husby, Trond
2019 EU economic modelling system: Assessment of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) investments in innovation and human capitalIvanova, Olga; Kancs, D'Artis; Thissen, Mark
2019 Regional Trade Flows and Input Output Data for EuropeIvanova, Olga; Kancs, D'Artis; Thissen, Mark