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1993Ein Akt der Solidarität: Privatisierung im Westen zugunsten des OstensThimann, Christian
2002Economic relations with regions neighbouring the euro area in the "Euro Time Zone"Mazzaferro, Francesco; Mehl, Arnaud; Sturm, Michael; Thimann, Christian; Winkler, Adalbert
2002Inflation dynamics and dual inflation in accession countries: a 'New Keynesian' perspectiveArratibel, Olga; Rodriguez-Palenzuela, Diego; Thimann, Christian
2002The effective exchange rates of the euroBuldorini, Luca; Makrydakis, Stelios; Thimann, Christian
2004Official dollarisation/euroisation - motives, features and policy implications of current casesWinkler, Adalbert; Mazzaferro, Francesco; Nerlich, Carolin; Thimann, Christian
2004The acceding countries’ strategies towards ERM II and the adoption of the euro - an analytical reviewBacké, Peter; Thimann, Christian; Arratibel, Olga; Calvo-Gonzalez, Oscar; Mehl, Arnaud; Nerlich, Carolin
2005Managing financial crises in emerging market economies - experience with the involvement of private sector creditorsThimann, Christian; Wölfinger, Regine; Bracke, Thierry; Basto, Rita Bessone; Hollensen, Ole; von Stenglin, Stephan; de Lis, Santiago Fernández; Weber, Pierre-François; Committeri, Marco; Pauli, Rolf; Just, Christian; Nikitin, Minna; Drage, John; International Relations Committee Task Force
2006Home bias in global bond and equity markets: the role of real exchange rate volatilityFidora, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel; Thimann, Christian
2007The search for Columbus’ egg - finding a new formula to determine quotas at the IMFSkala, Martin; Thimann, Christian; Wölfinger, Regine
2007Proximity and linkages among coalition participants: a new voting power measure applied to the International Monetary FundReynaud, Julien; Thimann, Christian; Gatarek, Lukasz
2007The transmission of emerging market shocks to global equity marketsCuadro Sáez, Lucía; Fratzscher, Marcel; Thimann, Christian
2007External imbalances and the US current account: how supply-side changes affect an exchange rate adjustmentEngler, Philipp; Fidora, Michael; Thimann, Christian
2009Global roles of currenciesThimann, Christian
2009The external and domestic side of macroeconomic adjustment in ChinaStraub, Roland; Thimann, Christian
2014Regulating the Global Insurance Industry: A Compendium of Motivations and ChallengesThimann, Christian
2015The Economics of Insurance, its Borders with Finance and Implications for Systemic RegulationThimann, Christian
2016Quantitative Easing: The Challenge for Households Long-term Savings and Financial SecurityThimann, Christian
2016The SSM at 1Laeven, Luc; Draghi, Mario; Dombret, Andreas; Angeloni, Ignazio; Nicoletti-Altimari, Sergio; Hufeld, Felix; Schuknecht, Ludger; Ritter, Hendrik; Thimann, Christian; Korte, Josef A.; Steffen, Sascha; Barucci, Emilio; Baviera, Roberto; Milani, Carlo; Calzolari, Giacomo; Colliard, Jean-Edouard; Lóránth, Gyöngyi; Mohrmann, Ulf; Muhn, Maximilian; Nienhaus, Martin; Riepe, Jan; Maddaloni, Angela; Scopelliti, Alessandro D.; Damaskou, Anna; Karamichailidou, Giannoula; Mayes, David G.; Stremmel, Hanno
2018VorwortThimann, Christian