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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 The 'hidden hypothesis'- approach in evaluation methodology: The Swiss participation in the European INTERREG II- ProgrammeThierstein, Alain; Rey, Michel; Walser, Manfred; Vodoz, Luc
1998 Corporate strategies, freight transport and regional developmentThierstein, Alain; Schnell, Klaus-Dieter
1999 Sustainable regional development: interplay of topdown and bottom-up approachesThierstein, Alain; Walser, Manfred
1999 Traffic management in cross-border regionsSchnell, Klaus-Dieter; Thierstein, Alain; Mettan, Nicolas
1999 Incubator, technology and innovation centers in Switzerland; features and policy implicationsThierstein, Alain; Wilhelm, Beate
2000 Exchange Rate And Regional Divergences : The Swiss CaseCorpataux, José; Crevoisier, Olivier; Thierstein, Alain
2000 Capital Market Processes And Regional Innovation Systems: Hypotheses About The Zurich Case.Kruse, Christian; Behrendt, Heiko; Thierstein, Alain
2000 Between Local Agenda 21 And A ''National Master Plan'': The Sustainable RegionWalser, Manfred; Thierstein, Alain
2000 One Region, Three Networks - Processes Of Self-Organization As A Strategy For Sustainable Regional DevelopmentWalser, Manfred; Grabher, Daniela; Thierstein, Alain; Scherer, Roland
2000 Higher Educational Institutions, Spin-Off Companies And Regional Economy: A Swiss Case StudyThierstein, Alain; Wilhelm, Beate
2002 The European metropolitan region of Zurich - a cluster of economic clusters?Dümmler, Patrick; Thierstein, Alain
2002 The impact of the liberalization of public services on the competitiveness of firms in the Alpine regions of SwitzerlandThierstein, Alain; Abegg, Christof
2003 The liberalization of public services and their impact of on the competitiveness of firms: a case study in the Alpine regions of SwitzerlandAbegg, Christof; Thierstein, Alain
2004 Polycentricity and metropolitan governance. A Swiss case studyGlanzmann, Lars; Grillon, Nathalie; Kruse, Christian; Thierstein, Alain
2004 The impact of the liberalisation process on the comptitiveness of firms: a case study in the Alpine regions of SwitzerlandAbegg, Christof; Thierstein, Alain
2006 The Mega-City-Region of Munich: A Kingdom of Its Own Or a Space of Inter-Connected Flows?Goebel, Viktor; Thierstein, Alain
2006 Mega-City-Regions: on Awareness and Value Chain ApproachDross, Michael; Forster, Agnes; Thierstein, Alain
2010 Accessibility of German agglomerations. An approach with non-physical connectivityBentlage, Michael; Lüthi, Stefan; Thierstein, Alain
2010 Interlocking firm networks in the German knowledge economy. On local networks and global connectivity.Luethi, Stefan; Thierstein, Alain; Bentlage, Michael
2011 The knowledge economy, hub airports and accessibility. A location based perspective.Conventz, Sven; Thierstein, Alain