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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 The regulation of repo markets: Incorporating public interest through a stronger role of civil societyThiemann, Matthias; Birk, Marius
2016 Drawing the line: The political economy of offbalance sheet financingThiemann, Matthias; Friedrich, Jan
2016 How economics got it wrong: Formalism, equilibrium modelling and pseudo-optimization in banking regulatory studiesAldegwy, Mohamed; Thiemann, Matthias
2016 Understanding the shift from micro to macro-prudential thinking: A discursive network analysisThiemann, Matthias; Aldegwy, Mohamed; Ibrocevic, Edin
2017 Capital Markets Union: The Need for Common Laws and Common SupervisionFriedrich, Jan; Thiemann, Matthias
2018 Reviving the shadow banking chain in Europe: Regulatory agency, technical complexity and the dynamics of co-habitationEndrejat, Vanessa; Thiemann, Matthias
2018 All economic ideas are equal, but some are more equal than others: A differentiated perspective on macroprudential ideas and their implementationIbrocevic, Edin; Thiemann, Matthias
2018 If you do it, do it right: The need for a common European supervisory architecture for CCPsFriedrich, Jan; Resch, Christian; Thiemann, Matthias
2018 Why the initial regulation of financial innovations is decisive: Regulatory arbitrage and off-balance-sheet leasing in GermanyFriedrich, Jan; Thiemann, Matthias
2018 A new governance architecture for European financial markets? Towards a European supervision of CCPsFriedrich, Jan; Thiemann, Matthias
2019 It's the tail-risk, stupid! Precluding regulatory arbitrage in shadow banking with a normatively charged approach to supervision capitalizing on multipolar regulatory dialoguesThiemann, Matthias; Tröger, Tobias