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1999 Descriptive studies on stylized facts of the German business cycleTheis, Winfried; Vogtländer, Kai; Weihs, Claus
1999 Clustering techniques for the detection of business cyclesTheis, Winfried; Weihs, Claus
1999 Multivariate classification of business phasesWeihs, Claus; Röhl, Michael C.; Theis, Winfried
2002 Implementing a new method for discriminant analysis when group covariance matrices are nearly singularTheis, Winfried; Röver, Christian; Pouwels, Britta
2002 Modellierung der Bohrgüte in Abhängigkeit von den Fertigungsparametern beim BTA-TiefbohrenTheis, Winfried; Webber, Oliver
2002 Design of experiments for static influences on harmonic processesTheis, Winfried
2002 Clustering of business cycles in optimal directions found by SIR and DAMEBecker, Claudia; Theis, Winfried
2004 Monitoring of the BTA Deep Hole Drilling Process Using Residual Control ChartsWeihs, Claus; Theis, Winfried; Messaoud, Amor; Hering, Franz
2004 Application and Use of Multivariate Control Charts In a BTA Deep Hole Drilling ProcessHering, Franz; Weihs, Claus; Theis, Winfried; Messaoud, Amor
2004 Determination of Relevant Frequencies and Modeling Varying Amplitudes of Harmonic ProcessesTheis, Winfried; Weihs, Claus
2004 Statistics, dynamics and quality: Improving BTA-deep-hole drillingTheis, Winfried; Webber, Oliver; Weihs, Claus
2004 Comparing Time Series from Experiments with and without SpirallingBusse, Anja M.; Theis, Winfried
2005 Two connected models for varying amplitudes in BTA-deep-hole-drillingDavies, P. Laurie; Theis, Winfried; Weihs, Claus
2005 Spiralling in BTA-deep-hole drilling : models of varying frequenciesTheis, Winfried; Webber, Oliver; Raabe, Nils; Weihs, Claus