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2007 Geographical Indications of Origin as a Tool of Product Differentiation : The Case of CoffeeTeuber, Ramona
2011 Wheat trade - does Russia price discriminate across export destinations?Pall, Zsombor; Perekhozhuk, Oleksandr; Teuber, Ramona; Glauben, Thomas
2012 Nahrungsmittelstandards: Ein Vergleich zweier privatwirtschaftlicher Initiativen aus Sicht landwirtschaftlicher ErzeugerHerzfeld, Thomas; Teuber, Ramona
2012 Internationale Getreidemärkte: Die neue Macht Russland?Glauben, Thomas; Pàll, Zsombor; Perekhozhuk, Oleksandr; Prehn, Sören; Teuber, Ramona
2012 International grain markets: Russia as a new power?Glauben, Thomas; Pàll, Zsombor; Perekhozhuk, Oleksandr; Prehn, Sören; Teuber, Ramona
2013 Introduction to the Special Feature: Will the BRIC Decade Continue? The Role of Rural Areas and AgricultureBrosig, Stephan; Teuber, Ramona; Levkovych, Inna; Thiele, Rainer; Glauben, Thomas
2015 Economic growth and nutrition transition: An empirical analysis comparing demand elasticities for foods in China and RussiaBurggraf, Christine; Kuhn, Lena; Zhao, Qi-ran; Teuber, Ramona; Glauben, Thomas
2016 Are we moving towards functioning agricultural markets and trade relations?Brosig, Stephan; Glauben, Thomas; Levkovych, Inna; Prehn, Sören; Teuber, Ramona
2016 Farmers’ export market participation decisions in transition economies: a comparative study between Armenia and UzbekistanBobojonov, Ihtiyor; Teuber, Ramona; Hasanov, Shavkat; Urutyan, Vardan; Glauben, Thomas
2018 Review of a priori dietary quality indices in relation to their construction criteriaBurggraf, Christine; Teuber, Ramona; Brosig, Stephan; Meier, Toni
2020 Consumers’ willingness to pay for organic versus all‐natural milk – Does certification make a difference?Yormirzoev, Mirzobobo; Li, Tongzhe; Teuber, Ramona