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2005 Could the Irish miracle be repeated in Hungary?Ács, Zoltán J.; O'Gorman, Colm; Szerb, László; Terjesen, Siri
2006 Could The Irish Miracle Be Repeated in Hungary?Ács, Zoltán J.; O'Gorman, Colm; Szerb, Laszlo; Terjesen, Siri
2007 Born local: two avenues to internationalizationÁcs, Zoltán J.; Terjesen, Siri
2007 The knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship and foreign direct investmentÁcs, Zoltán J.; Brooksbank, David J.; O'Gorman, Colm; Pickernell, David G.; Terjesen, Siri
2007 Seeding new ventures: green thumbs and fertile fields ; individual and environmental drivers of informal investmentSzerb, László; Terjesen, Siri; Rappai, Gábor
2007 Building a better rat trap: technological innovation, human capital and the IrulaTerjesen, Siri
2008 Venturing beyond the marathon: the entrepreneurship of ultrarunning and the IAU world cup in KoreaTerjesen, Siri
2008 Female presence on corporate boards: a multi-country study of environmental contextTerjesen, Siri
2008 Dice thrown from the beginning? An empirical investigation of determinants of firm level growth expectationsTerjesen, Siri; Szerb, Lászlo
2019 All on board? New evidence on board gender diversity from a large panel of European firmsTyrowicz, Joanna; Terjesen, Siri; Mazurek, Jakub
2020 All on Board? New Evidence on Board Gender Diversity from a Large Panel of FirmsTyrowicz, Joanna; Terjesen, Siri; Mazurek, Jakub