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2008 Aggregate and welfare effects of redistribution of wealth under inflation and price-level targetingMeh, Césaire A.; Ríos-Rull, José-Víctor; Terajima, Yaz
2008 Unsecured debt, consumer bankruptcy, and small businessMeh, Césaire A.; Terajima, Yaz
2008 Inflation, nominal portfolios, and wealth redistribution in CanadaMeh, Césaire A.; Terajima, Yaz
2008 Firm size and productivityLeung, Danny; Meh, Césaire; Terajima, Yaz
2008 Are there Canada-US differences in SME financing?Leung, Danny; Meh, Césaire; Terajima, Yaz
2009 Real effects of price stability with endogenous nominal indexationMeh, Césaire Assah; Quadrini, Vincenzo; Terajima, Yaz
2009 Uninsurable investment risks and capital income taxationMeh, Césaire A.; Terajima, Yaz
2009 Household debt, assets, and income in Canada: A microdata studyMeh, Césaire A.; Terajima, Yaz; Chen, David Xiao; Carter, Tom
2010 Leverage, balance sheet size and wholesale fundingDamar, H. Evren; Meh, Césaire A.; Terajima, Yaz
2012 Canadian bank balance-sheet management: Breakdown by types of Canadian financial institutionsChen, David Xiao; Damar, H. Evren; Soubra, Hani; Terajima, Yaz
2015 Effects of Funding Portfolios on the Credit Supply of Canadian BanksDamar, H. Evren; Meh, Césaire A.; Terajima, Yaz
2016 The global financial cycle, monetary policies and macroprudential regulations in small, open economiesBauer, Gregory; Pasricha, Gurnain; Sekkel, Rodrigo; Terajima, Yaz
2018 The welfare cost of inflation revisited: The role of financial innovation and household heterogeneityCao, Shutao; Meh, Césaire Assah; Ríos-Rull, José-Víctor; Terajima, Yaz
2021 Monetary policy spillover to small open economies: Is the transmission different under low interest rates?Cao, Jin; Dinger, Valeriya; Gómez, Tomás; Gric, Zuzana; Hodula, Martin; Jara R., Alejandro; Juelsrud, Ragnar Enger; Liaudinskas, Karolis; Malovaná, Simona; Terajima, Yaz
2022 Heterogeneity and monetary policy: A thematic reviewAlves, Felipe; Bustamante, Christian; Guo, Xing; Kartashova, Katya; Lee, Soyoung; Pugh, Thomas; See, Kurt; Terajima, Yaz; Ueberfeldt, Alexander