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2007 Public employment and women: the impact of Argentina's Jefes Program on female heads of poor householdsTcherneva, Pavlina R.; Wray, L. Randall
2007 What are the relative macroeconomic merits and environmental impacts of direct job creation and basic income guarantees?Tcherneva, Pavlina R.
2008 The return of fiscal policy: Can the new developments in the new economic consensus be reconciled with the Post-Keynesian view?Tcherneva, Pavlina R.
2008 Keynes's approach to full employment: aggregate or targeted demand?Tcherneva, Pavlina R.
2010 Bernanke's paradox: Can he reconcile his position on the federal budget with his recent charge to prevent deflationTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2011 Fiscal policy effectiveness: Lessons from the Great RecessionTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2011 Fiscal policy: Why aggregate demand management fails and what to do about itTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2012 Beyond full employment: The employer of last resort as an institution for changeTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2012 What do poor women want? Public employment or cash transfers? Lessons from ArgentinaTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2012 Inflationary and distributional effects of alternative fiscal policies: An augmented Minskyan-Kaleckian modelTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2012 Reorienting fiscal policy after the great recessionTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2013 Reorienting fiscal policy: A critical assessment of fiscal fine-tuningTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2014 Full employment: The road not takenTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2016 Money, power, and monetary regimesTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2017 Trump's bait and switch: Job creation in the midst of welfare state sabotageTcherneva, Pavlina R.
2017 Unemployment: The silent epidemicTcherneva, Pavlina R.