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2015Financial globalisation uncertainty/instability is good for financial developmentAsongu, Simplice A.; Koomson, Isaac; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2015The role of knowledge economy in African businessTchamyou, Vanessa S.
2015Information Asymmetry and Financial Development Dynamics in AfricaAsongu, Simplice A.; Nwachukwu, Jacinta C.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2015A Literature Survey on Proposed African Monetary UnionsAsongu, Simplice A.; Nwachukwu, Jacinta C.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2015Pre- and post-crisis dynamics of financial globalisation for financial development in AfricaAsongu, Simplice A.; de Moor, Lieven; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2015The impact of entrepreneurship on knowledge economy in AfricaAsongu, Simplice A.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2015Foreign aid, education and lifelong learning in AfricaAsongu, Simplice A.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2015Mobile phones in conflicts of financial intermediationAsongu, Simplice A.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2016Globalization and Governance: A Critical Contribution to the EmpiricsAsongu, Simplice; Efobi, Uchenna; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2016Essential Information Sharing Thresholds for Reducing Market Power in Financial Access: A Study of the African Banking IndustryAsongu, Simplice; Roux, Sara Le; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2016Information Asymmetry and Financial Dollarization in Sub-Saharan AfricaAsongu, Simplice; Raheem, Ibrahim D.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2017Fighting terrorism in Africa: benchmarking policy harmonizationAsongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.; Minkoua N., Jules R.; Asongu, Ndemaze; Tchamyou, Nina P.
2017Technology-driven information sharing and conditional financial development in AfricaAsongu, Simplice; Anyanwu, John C.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2017Financial Development and Pre-historic Geographical Isolation: Global EvidenceKodila-Tedika, Oasis; Asongu, Simplice; Cinyabuguma, Matthias M.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2017A summary of a survey on proposed African monetary unionsAsongu, Simplice; Nwachukwu, Jacinta C.; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2017Conditional Market Timing in the Mutual Fund IndustryTchamyou, Vanessa S.; Asongu, Simplice
2017Who is Who in Knowledge Economy in Africa?Asongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.; Acha-Anyi, Paul N.
2018Remittances, ICT and doing business in Sub-Saharan AfricaAsongu, Simplice; Biekpe, Nicholas; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2018Human capital, knowledge creation, knowledge diffusion, institutions and economic incentives: South Korea versus AfricaAsongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2018Inequality, ICT and financial access in AfricaTchamyou, Vanessa S.; Erreygers, Guido; Cassimon, Danny