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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Bundling Governance: Finance versus Institutions in Private Investment PromotionAsongu, Simplice; Batuo, Enowbi; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2015 Inequality, Finance and Pro-Poor Investment in AfricaAsongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2015 The Comparative African Regional Economics of Globalization in Financial Allocation EfficiencyAsongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2016 Information Sharing and Financial Sector Development in AfricaTchamyou, Vanessa; Asongu, Simplice
2016 Is information diffusion a threat to market power for financial access? Insights from the African banking industryAsongu, Simplice; Batuo, Enowbi; Nwachukwu, Jacinta; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2016 Diaspora Remittance Inflow, Financial Development and the Industrialisation of AfricaEfobi, Uchenna; Asongu, Simplice; Okafor, Chinelo; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2016 Information Asymmetry and Market Power in the African Banking IndustryBoateng, Agyenim; Asongu, Simplice; Akamavi, Raphael; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2016 Information sharing and conditional financial development in AfricaAsongu, Simplice; Anyanwu, John; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2017 The Comparative African Economics of Inclusive Development and Military Expenditure in Fighting TerrorismAsongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa; Asongu, Ndemaze; Tchamyou, Nina
2017 Fighting terrorism in Africa: evidence from bundling and unbundling institutionsAsongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa; Asongu, Ndemaze; Tchamyou, Nina
2018 The comparative African economics of governance in fighting terrorismAsongu, Simplice; Tchamyou, Vanessa; Asongu, Ndemaze; Tchamyou, Nina
2019 Remittances, finance and industrialisation in AfricaEfobi, Uchenna Rapuluchukwu; Asongu, Simplice; Okafor, Chinelo; Tchamyou, Vanessa; Voufo, Belmondo Tanankem
2019 The role of ICT in modulating the effect of education and lifelong learning on income inequality and economic growth in AfricaTchamyou, Vanessa; Asongu, Simplice; Odhiambo, Nicholas M.