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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 The MOSES PC ManualTaymaz, Erol
1990 The Knowledge Based Information EconomyEliasson, Gunnar; Fölster, Stefan; Lindberg, Thomas; Pousette, Tomas; Taymaz, Erol
1991 The Impact of Trade Unions on the Diffusion of Technology: The Case of NC Machine ToolsTaymaz, Erol
1991 The Role of Technological Progress and Economic Competence in Economic Growth: A Micro-to-Macro AnalysisCarlsson, Bo; Taymaz, Erol
1991 Flexible Automation in the U.S. Engineering IndustriesTaymaz, Erol
1992 The Limits of Policy Making: An Analysis of the Consequences of Boundedly Rational Government Using the Swedish Micro-to-Macro Model (MOSES)Eliasson, Gunnar; Taymaz, Erol
1993 Firms' Sponsored Training and Performance: A Comparison between France and Sweden Based on Firms DataBallot, Gérard; Taymaz, Erol
1993 Firm-Sponsored Training, Technical Progress and Aggregate Performance in a Micro-Macro ModelBallot, Gérard; Taymaz, Erol
1993 A Calibration Algorithm for Micro-Simulation ModelsTaymaz, Erol
1993 Factory Automation and Economic Performance: A Micro-to-Macro AnalysisCarlsson, Bo; Taymaz, Erol; Tryggestad, Kjell
2005 Türkiye’de Verimlilik Büyüme ve KrizTaymaz, Erol; Suicmez, Halit
2008 Integration with the global economy. The case of Turkish automobile and consumer electronics industriesTaymaz, Erol; Yilmaz, Kamil
2008 Trade openness and the demand for skills: evidence from Turkish microdataMeschi, Elena; Taymaz, Erol; Vivarelli, Marco
2009 Trade, technology and skills: Evidence from Turkish microdataMeschi, Elena; Taymaz, Erol; Vivarelli, Marco
2010 Global links and local bonds. The role of ownership and size in productivity growthTaymaz, Erol; Voyvoda, Ebru; Yilmaz, Kamil
2013 Skill-biased technological change and skill-enhancing trade in Turkey: Evidence from longitudinal microdataSrour, Ilina; Taymaz, Erol; Vivarelli, Marco
2013 The Impact Of Fdi On Firm Survival And Employment: A Comparative Analysis For Turkey And ItalyFerragina, Anna Maria; Mazzotta, Fernanda; Taymaz, Erol; Yilmaz, Kamil
2014 Demokrasiye geçiş, reel ücretler ve verimlilik: Türk imalat sanayiinden bulgularTaymaz, Erol; Voyvoda, Ebru; Yilmaz, Kamil
2015 Globalization, Technological Change and Labor Demand: A Firm Level Analysis for TurkeyMeschi, Elena; Taymaz, Erol; Vivarelli, Marco