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2009 Modelling charitable donations to an unexpected natural disaster: evidence from the U.S. panel study of income dynamicsBrown, Sarah; Harris, Mark N.; Taylor, Karl
2009 Reservation wages, expected wages and the duration of unemployment: evidence from British panel dataBrown, Sarah; Taylor, Karl
2009 Following in your parents' footsteps? Empirical analysis of matched parent-offspring test scoresBrown, Sarah; McIntosh, Steven; Taylor, Karl
2010 Wage inequality, linkages and FDIDriffield, Nigel; Girma, Sourafel; Henry, Michael; Taylor, Karl
2010 Gambling and the use of credit: an individual and household level analysisBrown, Sarah; Dickerson, Andy; McHardy, Jolian; Taylor, Karl
2010 Social interaction and stock market participation: Evidence from British panel dataBrown, Sarah; Taylor, Karl
2011 Intergenerational analysis of social interactionBrown, Sarah; McHardy, Jolian; Taylor, Karl
2011 The gender reservation wage gap: Evidence form British panel dataBrown, Sarah; Roberts, Jennifer; Taylor, Karl
2011 Workplace performance, worker commitment and loyaltyBrown, Sarah; McHardy, Jolian; McNabb, Robert; Taylor, Karl
2011 Household finances and the "Big Five" personality traitsBrown, Sarah; Taylor, Karl
2012 Who cares about stock market booms and busts? Evidence from data on mental healthRatcliffe, Anita; Taylor, Karl
2014 The Reservation Wage Curve: Evidence from the UKBrown, Sarah; Taylor, Karl
2014 Corporate Efficiency, Credit Status and InvestmentQuader, Manzur; Taylor, Karl
2014 Household Finances and Social Interaction: Bayesian Analysis of Household Panel DataBrown, Sarah; Ghosh, Pulak; Taylor, Karl
2014 Employee Trust and Workplace PerformanceBrown, Sarah; Gray, Daniel; McHardy, Jolian; Taylor, Karl
2015 Intra-Household Commuting Choices and Local Labour MarketsRoberts, Jennifer; Taylor, Karl
2015 Charitable Behaviour and the Big Five Personality Traits: Evidence from UK Panel DataBrown, Sarah; Taylor, Karl
2016 Social Media Use and Children's WellbeingMcDool, Emily; Powell, Philip; Roberts, Jennifer; Taylor, Karl
2017 Financial Hardship and Saving Behaviour: Bayesian Analysis of British Panel DataBrown, Sarah; Ghosh, Pulak; Pareek, Bhuvanesh; Taylor, Karl
2018 Mental Health and Reporting Bias: Analysis of the GHQ-12Brown, Sarah; Harris, Mark N.; Srivastava, Preety; Taylor, Karl