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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Optimizing German regional policy-2004: A study based on empirical data from 1994 to 2001Tangian, Andranik S.
2003An econometric decision model for equalizing regional unemployment in West and East GermanyTangian, Andranik S.
2004Liberal and trade-unionist concepts of flexicurity: Modelling in application to 16 European countriesTangian, Andranik S.
2004Constructing the composite indicator "Quality of work" from the third European survey on working conditionsTangian, Andranik S.
2004Defining the flexicurity index in application to European countriesTangian, Andranik S.
2005Ein zusammengesetzter Indikator der Arbeitsbedingungen in der EU-15 für Politik-Monitoring und analytische ZweckeTangian, Andranik S.
2005Bundestagswahl 2005: Ergebnisse im Spiegel der ParteiprogrammeTangian, Andranik S.
2005European welfare state under the policy "make work pay" : Analysis with composite indicatorsTangian, Andranik S.
2005A composite indicator of working conditions in the EU-15 for policy monitoring and analytical purposesTangian, Andranik S.
2005Composite indicator of German regional policy and its use for optimizing subsidies to regional labour marketsTangian, Andranik S.
2005Monitoring flexicurity policies in the EU with dedicated composite indicatorsTangian, Andranik S.
2006German parliamentary elections 2005 in the mirror of party manifestosTangian, Andranik S.
2007Is flexible work precarious? A study based on the 4th European survey of working conditions 2005Tangian, Andranik S.
2010Decision making in politics and economics: 4. Bundestag elections 2009 and direct democracyTangian, Andranik S.
2010Representativeness of German parties and trade unions with regard to public opinionTangian, Andranik S.
2013Decision making in politics and economics: 5. 2013 election to German Bundestag and direct democracyTangian, Andranik S.
20132013 election to German Bundestag from the viewpoint of direct democracyTangian, Andranik S.
2015Decision making in politics and economics: 6. Empirically constructing the German political spectrumTangian, Andranik S.
2015Is the left-right alignment of parties outdated?Tangian, Andranik S.
2016The third vote experiment: VAA-based election to enhance policy representation of the KIT student parliamentTangian, Andranik S.