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2012 The rise of Turkey and the new mediterranean: Challenges and opportunities for energy cooperation in a region in transitionTagliapietra, Simone
2013 Towards a new Eastern Mediterranean Energy Corridor? Natural gas developments between market opportunities and geopolitical risksTagliapietra, Simone
2013 East Africa: The next game-changer for the global gas markets?Hafner, Manfred; Tagliapietra, Simone
2014 Turkey as a Regional Natural Gas Hub: Myth or Reality? An Analysis of the Regional Gas Market Outlook, beyond the Mainstream RhetoricTagliapietra, Simone
2014 Towards a European Energy Union. The Need to Focus on Security of Energy SupplyTagliapietra, Simone
2014 Iran after the (Potential) Nuclear Deal: What’s Next for the Country’s Natural Gas Market?Tagliapietra, Simone
2014 The EU-Turkey Energy Relations After the 2014 Ukraine Crisis. Enhancing The Partnership in a Rapidly Changing EnvironmentTagliapietra, Simone
2015 Designing a new EU-Turkey strategic gas partnershipTagliapietra, Simone; Zachmann, Georg
2015 The Future of Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean. Translating Potential into RealityTagliapietra, Simone
2015 Turkish Stream: What strategy for Europe?Hafner, Manfred; Tagliapietra, Simone
2015 The Role of Natural Gas in the EU Decarbonisation PathHafner, Manfred; Tagliapietra, Simone
2016 The Changing Dynamics of Energy in TurkeyTagliapietra, Simone
2016 Exploring the Potential for Energy Efficiency in TurkeyTagliapietra, Simone
2016 Going local: Empowering cities to lead EU decarbonisationTagliapietra, Simone; Zachmann, Georg
2016 Rethinking the security of the European Union's gas supplyTagliapietra, Simone; Zachmann, Georg
2017 A new strategy for European Union-Turkey energy cooperationTagliapietra, Simone; Zachmann, Georg
2017 Electrifying Africa: how to make Europe’s contribution countTagliapietra, Simone
2017 The political economy of Middle East and North Africa oil exporters in times of global decarbonisationTagliapietra, Simone
2018 Is the European automotive industry ready for the global electric vehicle revolution?Fredriksson, Gustav; Roth, Alexander; Tagliapietra, Simone; Veugelers, Reinhilde
2019 How to make the European Green Deal workClaeys, Gregory; Tagliapietra, Simone; Zachmann, Georg