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2002On the Political Economy of Land Reforms in the Former Soviet UnionSwinnen, Johan F. M.; Heinegg, Ayo
2003Land Rental Markets and Household Farms in Transition: Theory and Evidence from HungarySwinnen, Johan F. M.; Vranken, Liesbet
2005The Impact of Media and Monotoring on Corruptin in Decentralized Public Programs: Evidence from MadagascarFrancken, Nathalie; Minten, Bart; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2006Global Retail Chains and Poor Farmers: Evidence from MadagascarMinten, Bart; Randrianarison, Lalaina; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2006Foreign Investment, Supermarkets, and the Restructuring of Supply Chains: Evidence from Eastern European Dairy SectorsSwinnen, Johan F. M.; Dries, Liesbeth; Noev, Nivelin; Germenji, Etleva
2006Skating on Thin Ice: Rule Changes and Team Strategies in the NHLBanerjee, Anurag N.; Swinnen, Johan F. M.; Weersink, Alfons
2007Rational Ignorance and Negative News in the Information MarketMcCluskey, Jill; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2007Credit Market Imperfections and the Distribution of Policy Rents: The Common Agricultural Policy in the New EU Member StatesCiaian, Pavel; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2007Trade, Standards, and Poverty: Evidence from SenegalMaertens, Miet; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2007Vertical coordination, rent distribution, and developmentSwinnen, Johan F. M.; Vandeplas, Anneleen
2008Static and Dynamic Distributional Effects of Decoupled Payments: Single Farm Payments in the European UnionCiaian, Pavel; Kancs, D'Artis; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2009Liberalization with Endogenous Institutions: A Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Reform in Africa, Asia, and EuropeSwinnen, Johan F. M.; Vandeplas, Anneleen; Maertens, Miet
2009Mass Media and Public Policy:Global Evidence from Agricultural PoliciesOlper, Alessandro; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2009Gender and Modern Supply Chains in Developing CountriesMaertens, Miet; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2010Beer Drinking Nations. The Determinants of Global Beer Consumption.Colen, Liesbeth; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2010Belgian Beers: Where History meets GlobalizationPersyn, Damiaan; Swinnen, Johan F. M.; Vanormelingen, Stijn
2010How the East Was Won: The Foreign Take-Over of the Eastern European Brewing IndustrySwinnen, Johan F. M.; Van Herck, Kristine
2010The Market for Policy CommunicationSwinnen, Johan F. M.; Vandemoortele, Thijs; Squicciarini, Mara
2010When Drains and Gains Coincide: Migration and International Football PerformanceBerlinschi, Ruxanda; Schokkaert, Jeroen; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2011From Monasteries to Multinationals (and Back): A Historical Review of the Beer EconomyPoelmans, Eline; Swinnen, Johan F. M.