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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Investment and contract enforcement in transition: Evidence from HungaryCungu, Azeta; Swinnen, Johan
2003The Impact of Aid on Economic Growth in Transition Economies: An Empirical StudyCungu, Azeta; Swinnen, Johan
2005Land Market Imperfections and Agricultural Policy Impacts in the New EU Member States: A Partial Equilibrium AnalysisCiaian, Pavel; Swinnen, Johan
2005Human Capital, Market Imperfections, Poverty, and Migration: Evidence from AlbaniaGermenji, Etleva; Swinnen, Johan
2006Rural Poverty in Transition CountriesMacours, Karen; Swinnen, Johan
2006Causes of Efficiency Change in Transition: Theory and Cross-Country Survey Evidence from AgricultureSwinnen, Johan; Vranken, Liesbet
2007Property Rights Imperfections, Asset Allocation, and Welfare: Co-Ownership in BulgariaVranken, Liesbet; Macours, Karen; Noev, Nivelin; Swinnen, Johan
2008Study on the Functioning of Land Markets in the EU Member States under the Influence of Measures applied under the Common Agricultural PolicySwinnen, Johan; Ciaian, Pavel; Kancs, d’Artis
2009Political Reforms and Public Policies: Evidence from Agricultural ProtectionOlper, Alessandro; Falkowsk, Jan; Swinnen, Johan
2010EU Land Markets and the Common Agricultural PolicyCiaian, Pavel; Kancs, d’Artis; Swinnen, Johan
2012The common agricultural policy after 2013Bureau, Jean-Christophe; Tangermann, Stefan; Matthews, Alan; Viaggi, Davide; Crombez, Christophe; Knops, Louise; Swinnen, Johan
2012The Political Economy of European Wine RegulationsMeloni, Giulia; Swinnen, Johan
2012Political Economy of Public Policies: Insights from Distortions to Agricultural and Food MarketsAnderson, Kym; Rausser, Gordon; Swinnen, Johan
2012Biofuels and Food Security: Micro-evidence from EthiopiaNegash, Martha; Swinnen, Johan
2012The Experience Economy as the Future for European Agriculture and Food?Swinnen, Johan; Van Herck, Kristine; Vandemoortele, Thijs
2013Media bias in economic news: A factor 20Heinz, Matthias; Swinnen, Johan
2013Food policy volatility and EU policiesSwinnen, Johan; Knops, Louise; Van Herck, Kristine
2013Can high and volatile prices be good for the poor?Guariso, Andrea; Squicciarini, Mara P.; Swinnen, Johan
2013The Rise and Fall of the World's Largest Wine Exporter (And Its Institutional Legacy)Meloni, Giulia; Swinnen, Johan
2013It is Harder, not Easier, to Predict the Winner of the Champions LeagueSchokkaert, Jeroen; Swinnen, Johan