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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Arbeitsplätze für GeringqualifizierteSunde, Uwe; Thalmaier, Anja; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2001 Strategic Hiring Behavior in Empirical Matching FunctionsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2001 Disaggregate Matching FunctionsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2001 Human Capital Accumulation, Education and Earnings InequalitySunde, Uwe
2002 Human Capital Formation, Life Expectancy and the Process of Economic DevelopmentCervellati, Matteo; Sunde, Uwe
2002 The Hold-Down Problem and the Boundaries of the Firm: Lessons from a Hidden Action Model with Endogenous Outside OptionSchnedler, Wendelin; Sunde, Uwe
2002 Estimations of Occupational and Regional Matching Efficiencies Using Stochastic Production Frontier ModelsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2002 Unobserved Bilateral Search on the Labor Market: A Theory-Based Correction for a Common Flaw in Empirical Matching StudiesSunde, Uwe
2002 Employment Status, Endogenous Regional Mobility, and Spatial Dependencies in Labor MarketsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2003 Real and nominal wage rigidities and the rate of inflation : evidence from West German micro dataBauer, Thomas K.; Bonin, Holger; Sunde, Uwe
2003 Potential, prizes and performance : testing tournament theory with professional tennis dataSunde, Uwe
2003 Optimal Seedings in Elimination TournamentsGroh, Christian; Moldovanu, Benny; Sela, Aner; Sunde, Uwe
2004 Real and Nominal Wage Rigidities and the Rate of Inflation: Evidence from West German Micro DataBauer, Thomas K.; Bonin, Holger; Sunde, Uwe
2005 Hobbes to Rousseau : Inequality, Institutions, and DevelopmentCervellati, Matteo; Fortunato, Piergiuseppe; Sunde, Uwe
2005 Individual Risk Attitudes: New Evidence from a Large, Representative, Experimentally-Validated SurveyDohmen, Thomas; Falk, Armin; Huffman, David; Sunde, Uwe; Schupp, Jürgen; Gert G. Wagner
2005 Regional dependencies in job creation: an efficiency analysis for Western GermanyFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2006 Do I have what it takes? Equilibrium search with type uncertainty and non-participationFalk, Armin; Huffman, David; Sunde, Uwe
2006 Self-confidence and searchFalk, Armin; Huffman, David; Sunde, Uwe
2006 Did the Hartz reforms speed-up job creation? A macro-evaluation using empirical matching functionsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2006 Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung und Demokratie: ist Demokratie ein Wohlstandsmotor oder ein Wohlstandsprodukt?Sunde, Uwe