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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Processes Underlying 50 Years of Local Forest-Cover Change in Yunnan, ChinaFrayer, Jens; Müller, Daniel; Sun, Zhanli; Munroe, Darla K.; Xu, Jianchu
2016 China's land-use changes during the past 300 years: a historical perspectiveMiao, Lijuan; Zhu, Feng; Sun, Zhanli; Moore, John C.; Cui, Xuefeng
2018 Assessing the impacts of extreme agricultural droughts in China under climate and socioeconomic changesYu, Chaoqing; Huang, Xiao; Chen, Han; Huang, Guorui; Ni, Shaoqiang; Wright, Jonathon S.; Hall, Jim; Ciais, Philippe; Zhang, Jie; Xiao, Yuchen; Sun, Zhanli; Wang, Xuhui; Yu, Le
2018 Increasing concentration of major crops in China from 1980 to 2011Yin, Fang; Sun, Zhanli; You, Liangzhi; Müller, Daniel
2018 Synthesis of agricultural land system change in China over the past 40 yearsSun, Zhanli; You, Liangzhi; Müller, Daniel
2019 Выявление детерминант урожайности пшеницы в Западной Сибири с использованием байесовских сетейPrishchepov, Alexander; Ponkina, Elena; Sun, Zhanli; Müller, Daniel
2020 From global drivers to local land-use change: Understanding the northern Laos rubber boomJunquera, Victoria; Meyfroidt, Patrick; Sun, Zhanli; Latthachack, Phokham; Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne
2020 A spatial-temporal analysis of the effects of households’ land-use behaviors on soil available potassium in cropland: A case study from urban peripheral region in Northeast ChinaLiu, Hongbin; Sun, Zhanli; Luo, Xiaojuan; Dong, Xiuru; Wu, Mengyao