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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Ten Years After: What is Special about Transition Countries?Gros, Daniel; Suhrcke, Marc
2000 Are reforms from a centrally planned to a market system bad for health?Suhrcke, Marc
2000 Ten years after: What is special about transition countries?Gros, Daniel; Suhrcke, Marc
2000 Is transition over?Suhrcke, Marc
2001 Preferences for inequality: East vs. WestSuhrcke, Marc
2002 Divergence – Is it geography?Straubhaar, Thomas; Suhrcke, Marc; Urban, Dieter M.
2006 Are cardiovascular diseases bad for economic growth?Suhrcke, Marc; Urban, Dieter M.
2007 The economic benefits of health and prevention in a high-income country: the example of GermanySuhrcke, Marc; Urban, Dieter M.; Moesgaard Iburg, Kim; Schwappach, David; Boluarte, Till; McKee, Martin
2013 Labour market importance of poor health in the Russian FederationGoryakin, Yevgeniy; Suhrcke, Marc
2014 A triple test for behavioral economics models and public health policyNakamura, Ryota; Suhrcke, Marc; Zizzo, Daniel John
2014 The impact of diabetes on employment in MexicoSeuring, Till; Goryakin, Yevgeniy; Suhrcke, Marc
2016 The Impact of Diabetes on Labor Market Outcomes in Mexico: A Panel Data and Biomarker AnalysisSeuring, Till; Serneels, Pieter; Suhrcke, Marc
2018 Diabetes, Employment and Behavioural Risk Factors in China: Marginal Structural Models versus Fixed Effects ModelsSeuring, Till; Serneels, Pieter; Suhrcke, Marc; Bachmann, Max