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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Training propensity of start-ups in Switzerland: A study based on data for the start-up cohort 1996 - 97Arvanitis, Spyros; Stucki, Tobias
2008 The impact of ICT usage, workplace organisation and human capital on the provision of apprenticeship training. a firm-level analysis based on Swiss panel dataHollenstein, Heinz; Stucki, Tobias
2009 How long do external capital constraints matter? A study based on Swiss data for the start-up cohort 1996 - 97Stucki, Tobias
2010 What determines the innovation capability of firm founders?Arvanitis, Spyros; Stucki, Tobias
2011 Die Internationalisierung des Dienstleistungssektors und der Industrie der Schweizer Wirtschaft: Eine Analyse anhand der Internationalisierungsumfrage der KOF vom Frühjahr 2010Arvanitis, Spyros; Hollenstein, Heinz; Ley, Marius; Stucki, Tobias
2011 Bestimmungsfaktoren der Performance des schweizerischen Breitbandmarktes im internationalen Vergleich: Untersuchung im Auftrag der ICT SwitzerlandArvanitis, Spyros; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin
2011 Potenziale für Cleantech im Industrie- und Dienstleistungsbereich in der Schweiz: Studie im Auftrag der EconomiesuisseArvanitis, Spyros; Bolli, Thomas; Ley, Marius; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin; Soltmann, Christian
2012 The 'New Firm Paradigm' and the Provision of Training: The Impact of ICT, Workplace Organization and Human CapitalHollenstein, Heinz; Stucki, Tobias
2012 The choice of foreign locations of Swiss MNEsArvanitis, Spyridon; Hollenstein, Heinz; Stucki, Tobias
2012 Determinants of green innovation: The impact of internal and external knowledgeStucki, Tobias; Woerter, Martin
2012 How Swiss small- and medium-sized firms assess the performance impact of mergers and acquisitionsArvanitis, Spyridon; Stucki, Tobias
2012 Do mergers and acquisitions affect the performance of acquiring firms? Evidence for Swiss small- and medium-sized firmsArvanitis, Spyridon; Stucki, Tobias
2013 The impact of energy prices on green innovation: Study on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOELey, Marius; Stucki, Tobias; Woerter, Martin
2013 Innovationsaktivitäten in der Schweizer Wirtschaft: Eine Analyse der Ergebnisse der Innovationserhebung 2011Arvanitis, Spyros; Ley, Marius; Seliger, Florian; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin
2013 Development and determinants of productivity in Switzerland 1990-2010: A country- , industry- and firm-level analysis. Study mandated by the country studies branch of the OECD Economics DepartmentArvanitis, Spyros; Ley, Marius; Seliger, Florian; Stucki, Tobias
2013 The impact of energy prices on green innovationLey, Marius Christian; Stucki, Tobias; Woerter, Martin
2013 The impact of venture capital on the persistence of innovation activities of Swiss start-upsArvanitis, Spyros; Stucki, Tobias
2013 Determinants of internationalisation: Do they differ among sectors and business functions? Evidence from firm-level dataArvanitis, Spyros; Hollenstein, Heinz; Stucki, Tobias
2013 The relative importance of human resource management practices for a firm's innovation performanceArvanitis, Spyridon; Seliger, Florian; Stucki, Tobias
2013 The performance effect of environmental innovationsSoltmann, Christian; Stucki, Tobias; Wörter, Martin