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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Adaptation advantage to climate change impacts on road infrastructure in Africa through 2100Chinowsky, Paul; Schweikert, Amy; Strzepek, Niko; Manahan, Kyle; Strzepek, Kenneth
2011 A dynamic general equilibrium analysis of adaptation to climate change in EthiopiaRobinson, Sherman; Strzepek, Kenneth; Willenbockel, Dirk
2011 Power ahead: Meeting Ethiopia's energy needs under a changing climateBlock, Paul; Strzepek, Kenneth
2011 Climate change and infrastructure investment in developing countries: The case of MozambiqueArndt, Channing; Chinowsky, Paul; Strzepek, Kenneth; Thurlow, James
2012 Impact of climate change on irrigation, crops and hydropower in VietnamGebretsadik, Yohannes; Fant, Charles; Strzepek, Kenneth
2012 Informed selection of future climatesArndt, Channing; Fant, Charles; Robinson, Sherman; Strzepek, Kenneth
2012 Road infrastructure and climate change in VietnamChinowsky, Paul S.; Schweikert, Amy E.; Strzepek, Niko L.; Strzepek, Kenneth
2013 Impact of climate change on crops, irrigation and hydropower in the Zambezi River BasinFant, Charles; Gebretsadik, Yohannes; Strzepek, Kenneth
2013 Infrastructure and climate change: Impacts and adaptations for the Zambezi River ValleyChinowsky, Paul S.; Schweikert, Amy E.; Strzepek, Niko L.; Strzepek, Kenneth
2013 Regional climate change of the greater Zambezi River Basin: A hybrid assessmentSchlosser, C. Adam; Strzepek, Kenneth
2014 Optimized reservoir operation model of regional wind and hydro power integration. Case study: Zambezi Basin and South AfricaGebretsadik, Yohannes; Fant, Chas; Strzepek, Kenneth
2014 A hybrid approach to incorporating climate change and variability into climate scenario for impact assessmentsGebretsadik, Yohannes; Strzepek, Kenneth; Schlosser, C. Adam
2014 Climate change and economic growth prospects for Malawi: An uncertainty approachArndt, Channing; Schlosser, Adam; Strzepek, Kenneth; Thurlow, James
2015 An uncertainty approach to modelling climate change risk in South AfricaCullis, James; Alton, Theresa; Arndt, Channing; Cartwright, Anton; Chang, Alice; Gabriel, Sherwin; Gebretsadik, Yohannes; Hartley, Faaiqa; de Jager, Gerald; Makrelov, Konstantin; Robertson, Gordon; Schlosser, C. Adam; Strzepek, Kenneth; Thurlow, James
2015 Climate change and developing country interests: Cases from the Zambezi River BasinArndt, Channing; Chinowsky, Paul; Fant, Charles; Gebretsadik, Yohannes; Neumann, James E.; Paltsev, Sergey; Schlosser, C. Adam; Strzepek, Kenneth; Tarp, Finn; Thurlow, James