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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Steht auf, wenn ihr Deutsche seid! : Sozio-ökonomische Erklärungsansätze der neuen Patriotismuswelle anläßlich der Fußball-WMStrulik, Holger
2006 Social Composition, Social Conflict, and Economic DevelopmentStrulik, Holger
2007 The simplest unified growth theoryStrulik, Holger; Weisdorf, Jacob
2007 Riding high: success in sports and the rise of doping culturesStrulik, Holger
2007 A bioeconomic foundation of the Malthusian equilibrium : body size and population size in the long-runDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2007 Geography, Health, and the Pace of Demo-Economic DevelopmentStrulik, Holger
2007 Subsistence: A Bio-economic Foundation of the Malthusian EquilibriumStrulik, Holger; Dalgaard, Carl-Johan
2007 Staying on the doleStrulik, Holger; Tyran, Jean-Robert; Vanini, Paolo
2007 The Credit Channel of Capital Tax PolicyStrulik, Holger
2008 The Role of Poverty and Community Norms in Child Labor and Schooling DecisionsStrulik, Holger
2008 Comparing consumption: a curse or a blessing?Strulik, Holger
2008 Should continued family firms face lower taxes than other estates?Grossmann, Volker; Strulik, Holger
2008 Degrees of development: how geographic latitude sets the pace of industrialization and demographic changeStrulik, Holger
2008 The role of poverty and community norms in child labor and schooling decisionsStrulik, Holger
2008 Energy distribution, power laws, and economic growthDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2008 A bioeconomic foundation for the nutrition-based efficiency wage modelDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2008 Voracity and growth econsideredStrulik, Holger
2008 Birth, death, and development: a simple unified growth theoryStrulik, Holger; Weisdorf, Jacob
2008 Fiscal, monetary, and financial interactions in dynamic general equilibriumStrulik, Holger
2008 A Note on economic growth with subsistence consumptionStrulik, Holger