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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016What can housing markets teach us about economics?Stroebel, Johannes
2019Hedging climate change newsEngle, Robert; Giglio, Stefano; Lee, Heebum; Kelly, Bryan; Stroebel, Johannes
2019Five facts about beliefs and portfoliosGiglio, Stefano; Maggiori, Matteo; Stroebel, Johannes; Utkus, Stephen
2019Peer effects in product adoptionBailey, Michael; Johnston, Drew; Kuchler, Theresa; Stroebel, Johannes; Wong, Arlene
2020International Trade and Social ConnectednessBailey, Michael; Gupta, Abhinav; Hillenbrand, Sebastian; Kuchler, Theresa; Richmond, Robert; Stroebel, Johannes
2020Inside the Mind of a Stock Market CrashGiglio, Stefano; Maggiori, Matteo; Stroebel, Johannes; Utkus, Stephen
2020Social FinanceKuchler, Theresa; Stroebel, Johannes
2020The Geographic Spread of COVID-19 Correlates with Structure of Social Networks as Measured by FacebookKuchler, Theresa; Russel, Dominic; Stroebel, Johannes
2020The Effects of Covid-19 on U.S. Small Businesses: Evidence from Owners, Managers, and EmployeesAlekseev, Georgij; Amer, Safaa; Gopal, Manasa; Kuchler, Theresa; Schneider, J. W.; Stroebel, Johannes; Wernerfelt, Nils
2020Social Distancing during a Pandemic: The Role of FriendsBailey, Michael; Johnston, Drew; Koenen, Martin; Kuchler, Theresa; Russel, Dominic; Stroebel, Johannes
2020Climate FinanceGiglio, Stefano; Kelly, Bryan; Stroebel, Johannes
2020The Determinants and Effects of Social Connectedness in EuropeBailey, Michael; Kuchler, Theresa; Russel, Dominic; State, Bogdan; Stroebel, Johannes
2021Racial Disparities in Access to Small Business Credit: Evidence from the Paycheck Protection ProgramHowell, Sabrina T.; Kuchler, Theresa; Snitkof, David; Stroebel, Johannes; Wong, Jun
2021The economic effects of social networksStroebel, Johannes; Kuchler, Theresa
2021What Do You Think about Climate Finance?Stroebel, Johannes; Wurgler, Jeffrey
2022The economics of debt relief during a pandemic: Lessons from the experience in IrelandGaffney, Edward; McCann, Fergal; Stroebel, Johannes
2022Social Interactions, Resilience, and Access to Economic Opportunity: A Research Agenda for the Field of Computational Social ScienceKuchler, Theresa; Stroebel, Johannes
2022Housing Market ExpectationsKuchler, Theresa; Piazzesi, Monika; Stroebel, Johannes
2022The social integration of Syrian refugees in GermanyKuchler, Theresa; Stroebel, Johannes
2022The Social Integration of International Migrants: Evidence from the Networks of Syrians in GermanyBailey, Michael; Johnston, Drew; Koenen, Martin; Kuchler, Theresa; Russel, Dominic; Stroebel, Johannes