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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Contracting with Imperfect Commitment and Noisy CommunicationBester, Helmut; Strausz, Roland
2004 Buried in Paperwork: Excessive Reporting in OrganizationsStrausz, Roland
2004 Mediation in Situations of Conflict and Limited CommitmentMitusch, Kay; Strausz, Roland
2004 Honest Certification and the Threat of CaptureStrausz, Roland
2004 Deterministic versus Stochastic Mechanisms in Principal-€“Agent ModelsStrausz, Roland
2005 Timing of Verification Procedures: Monitoring versus AuditingStrausz, Roland
2005 Interim Information in Long Term ContractsStrausz, Roland
2005 Optimal Information Revelation by Informed InvestorsStrausz, Roland
2006 The Bologna Process: how student mobility affects multi-cultural skills and educational qualityMechtenberg, Lydia; Strausz, Roland
2008 Collusion and DurabilityStrausz, Roland; Sasaki, Dan
2009 The political economy of regulatory riskStrausz, Roland
2009 Regulatory risk under optimal incentive regulationStrausz, Roland
2009 Migration of the highly skilled: Can Europe catch up with the US?Mechtenberg, Lydia; Strausz, Roland
2009 Monopoly Distortions in Durability and Multi-Dimensional QualityStrausz, Roland
2009 Regulatory risk under optimal incentive regulationStrausz, Roland
2010 Migration of the Talented: Can Europe catch up with the U.S.?Mechtenberg, Lydia; Strausz, Roland
2010 The Political Economy of Regulatory RiskStrausz, Roland
2010 Optimal Procurement Contracts with Pre-€“Project PlanningKrähmer, Daniel; Strausz, Roland
2010 Who Should Pay for Certification?Stahl, Konrad; Strausz, Roland
2010 Mediated Contracts and Mechanism DesignStrausz, Roland