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1984 An Overview of Agricultural Household Models: TheoryStrauss, John
1984 Does Better Nutrition Raise Farm Productivity?Strauss, John
1984 An Overview of Agricultural Household Models: Empirical ApplicationsStrauss, John
1985 The Impact of Improved Nutrition on Labor Productivity and Human Resource Development: An Economic PerspectiveStrauss, John
1985 Agricultural Household Models: A Survey of Recent Findings and Their Policy ImplicationsSingh, Inderjit; Squire, Lyn; Strauss, John
1987 Child Survival, Nutritional Status and Household Characteristics: Evidence from BrazilThomas, Duncan; Strauss, John; Henriques, Maria H.
1987 Households, Communities and Preschool Children's Nutrition Outcomes: Evidence from Rural Côte d'IvioreStrauss, John
1989 Modelling the Use and Adoption of Technologiesby Upland Rice and Soybean Farmers in Central-West BrazilStrauss, John; Barbosa, Mariza M. T.L.; Teixeira, Sonia M.; Thomas, Duncan; Gomes, Raimundo
1989 Estimating the Impact of Income and Price Changes on Consumption in BrazilThomas, Duncan; Strauss, John
1990 The Shape of the Calorie-Expenditure CurveStrauss, John; Thomas, Duncan
1990 Prices, Infrastructure, Household Characteristics and Child HeightThomas, Duncan; Strauss, John
1991 Public Policy and Anthropometric Outcomes in the Côte d'IvoireThomas, Duncan; Lavy, Victor; Strauss, John
1991 Wages, Schooling and Background: Investments in Men and Women in Urban BrazilStrauss, John; Thomas, Duncan
2010 Estimation of Poverty Transition Matrices with Noisy DataLee, Nayoung; Ridder, Geert; Strauss, John
2010 The effects of childhood health on adult health and SES in ChinaSmith, James P.; Shen, Yan; Strauss, John; Zhe, Yang; Zhao, Yaohui
2011 Living arrangements of the elderly in China: Evidence from CHARLSLei, Xiaoyan; Strauss, John; Tian, Meng; Zhao, Yaohui
2012 Health, height, height shrinkage and SES at older ages: Evidence from ChinaHuang, Wei; Lei, Xiaoyan; Ridder, Geert; Strauss, John; Zhao, Yaohui