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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985 The significance of labour migration for the workers' countries of originStraubhaar, Thomas
1985 Migrants' remittances and economic activityStraubhaar, Thomas
1986 The economics of Third World arms importsStraubhaar, Thomas
1986 South-South trade: Some recent trendsStraubhaar, Thomas
1987 South-South trade: Is integration a solution?Straubhaar, Thomas
1994 Internationale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit einer Volkswirtschaft: Was ist das?Straubhaar, Thomas
1995 Maastricht II: Are real convergence criteria needed?Schmidt, Christian; Straubhaar, Thomas
1995 Maastricht II: bedarf es realer Konvergenzkriterien?Schmidt, Christian; Straubhaar, Thomas
1996 Current issues in European migrationStraubhaar, Thomas; Wolter, Achim
1996 Aktuelle Brennpunkte der europäischen MigrationsdiskussionStraubhaar, Thomas; Wolter, Achim
1997 Globalisation, internal labour markets and the migration of the highly skilledStraubhaar, Thomas; Wolter, Achim
1998 Die Stellung des Euro im WeltwährungssystemMüller, Henrik; Straubhaar, Thomas
1998 The euro's place in the world monetary systemMüller, Henrik; Straubhaar, Thomas
1999 Glokalisierung - die Champions League der AgglomerationenStraubhaar, Thomas
1999 Empirical Findings on the Swiss Migration ExperienceStraubhaar, Thomas; Golder, Stefan M.
1999 EU-Osterweiterung à la Hundertwasser?Straubhaar, Thomas
2000 International mobility of the highly skilled: Brain gain, brain drain or brain exchangeStraubhaar, Thomas
2000 Why do people stay? Insider advantages and immobilityFischer, Peter A.; Holm, Einar; Malmberg, Gunnar; Straubhaar, Thomas
2000 Why do we need a general agreement on movements of people (GAMP)?Straubhaar, Thomas
2000 New migration needs a NEMP (a new European migration policy)Straubhaar, Thomas