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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992 Ansätze der neuen Wachstumstheorie: ein LiteraturüberblickStolpe, Michael
1993 Industriepolitik aus Sicht der neuen WachstumstheorieStolpe, Michael
1994 Technology and empirical dynamics of specialization in open economiesStolpe, Michael
1994 Comparative advantage for research and development across industries in OECD countriesStolpe, Michael
1995 [Book Review of] Handbuch Technologiemanagement, Erich Zahn (ed.): Stuttgart, Schäffer-Poeschel, 1995Stolpe, Michael
1995 [Book Review of] Rosenberg, Nathan: Exploring the black box: technology, economics, and history, Cambridge, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994Stolpe, Michael
1995 Technology and the dynamics of specialization in open economiesStolpe, Michael
1996 [Book Review of] Taylor, Lester D.: Telecommunication demand in theory and practice: Dordrecht, Kluwer, 1994Stolpe, Michael
1996 [Book Review of] Lydall, Harold: The Entrepreneurial factor in economic growth: Houndsmills, Basingstoke, MacMillan Acad. and Professional, 1992Stolpe, Michael
1996 [Book Review of] Barro, Robert J. ...: Economic growth: New York, McGraw-Hill, 1995Stolpe, Michael
1998 [Book Review of] Ochoa, Orlando A.: Growth, trade and endogenous technology: a study of OECD manufacturing: Houndsmill, MacMillan, 1996Stolpe, Michael
2000 Venture mania in Europe: Its causes and consequencesSchertler, Andrea; Stolpe, Michael
2001 [Book Review of] Antonelli, Cristiano: The microdynamics of technological change: London, Routledge, 1999Stolpe, Michael
2001 Prioritäten für den globalen Aids-Fonds: eine ökonomische AnalyseStolpe, Michael
2001 Mobility of research workers and knowledge diffusion as evidenced in patent data: the case of liquid crystal display technologyStolpe, Michael
2001 Technology and economic performance in the German economySiebert, Horst; Stolpe, Michael
2001 Weltweiter Patentschutz für pharmazeutische Innovationen: gibt es sozialverträgliche Alternativen?Stolpe, Michael
2003 Learning and signalling in the French and German venture capital industriesStolpe, Michael
2003 Ressourcen und Ergebnisse der globalen Gesundheitsökonomie: Einführung und ÜberblickStolpe, Michael
2003 Distribution dynamics in European venture capitalStolpe, Michael