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2013On the weal and woe of internet traffic management in Europe: A critical appraisal from a network economic perspectiveStocker, Volker
2014Market driven network neutrality and the fallacy of a two-tiered Internet traffic regulationKnieps, Günter; Stocker, Volker
2014The fallacies of regulatory market splits: Network neutrality regulation ante portasKnieps, Günter; Stocker, Volker
2015Network neutrality regulation: The fallacies of regulatory market splitsKnieps, Günter; Stocker, Volker
2016Content may be King, but (Peering) Location matters: A Progress Report on the Evolution of Content Delivery in the InternetStocker, Volker; Smaragdakis, Georgios; Lehr, William; Bauer, Steven
2016Speed isn't everything: a multi-criteria analysis of broadband access speeds in the UKStocker, Volker; Whalley, Jason
2017Who replies to consultations, and what do they say? The case of broadband universal service in the UKStocker, Volker; Whalley, Jason
2018Public Policy Targets in EU Broadband Markets: The Role of Technological NeutralityBriglauer, Wolfgang; Stocker, Volker; Whalley, Jason
2019Ist Netzneutralität tatsächlich gut? Eine Neubewertung vor dem Hintergrund der Regulierung in den USA und in der EU sowie aktueller ForschungsergebnisseBriglauer, Wolfgang; Stocker, Volker; Stockhammer, Paul
2020Bedeutung digitaler Infrastrukturen und Dienste und Maßnahmen zur Förderung der Resilienz in KrisenzeitenBriglauer, Wolfgang; Stocker, Volker
2020Carsharing in der Krise: Das Ende des Teilens?Kolleck, Aaron; Stocker, Volker
2021Net Neutrality and High Speed Broadband Networks: Evidence from OECD CountriesBriglauer, Wolfgang; Cambini, Carlo; Gugler, Klaus; Stocker, Volker
2023Measuring Mobile Broadband Challenges and Implications for PolicymakingFrias, Zoraida; Lehr, William; Stocker, Volker; Mendo, Luis
2023Old technologies in a modern communications landscape: public call boxes and universal serviceWhalley, Jason; Stocker, Volker