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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 The impact of the introduction of the euro on firms' expectations: An empirical assessment of the German business-related services sectorKaiser, Ulrich; Stirböck, Claudia
1999 Capital Mobility within EMUStirböck, Claudia; Heinemann, Friedrich
2000 Exchange rate volatility effects on labour marketsStirböck, Claudia; Buscher, Herbert S.
2000 Unterschiede im Transmissionsweg geldpolitischer Impulse: Eine Analyse für wichtige Exportländer Baden-Württembergs in der Europäischen WährungsunionBuscher, Herbert S.; Stirböck, Claudia; Tykvová, Tereza; Westerheide, Peter
2001 Agglomeration tendencies in EU regions: where does capital go?Stirböck, Claudia
2002 What Determines Relative Sectoral Investment Patterns in EU Regions?Stirböck, Claudia
2002 Explaining the Level of Relative Investment Specialisation: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of EU RegionsStirböck, Claudia
2002 Relative specialisation of EU regions: an econometric analysis of sectoral gross fixed capital formationStirböck, Claudia
2003 Towards a single European market in asset managementHeinemann, Friedrich; Schröder, Michael; Schüler, Martin; Stirböck, Claudia; Westerheide, Peter
2004 Regional Income Convergence in the Enlarged Europe, 1995-2000: A Spatial Econometric PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Stirböck, Claudia
2004 A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Regional Specialisation Patterns Across EU RegionsStirböck, Claudia
2004 Comparing Investment and Employment Specialisation Patterns of EU RegionsStirböck, Claudia
2005 Pan-European Regional Income Growth and Club-Convergence - Insights from a Spatial Econometric PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Stirböck, Claudia
2006 How strong is the impact of exports and other demand components on German import demand? Evidence from euro-area and non-euro-area importsStirböck, Claudia