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1999Capital Mobility within EMUStirböck, Claudia; Heinemann, Friedrich
1999The impact of the introduction of the euro on firms' expectations: An empirical assessment of the German business-related services sectorKaiser, Ulrich; Stirböck, Claudia
2000Unterschiede im Transmissionsweg geldpolitischer Impulse: Eine Analyse für wichtige Exportländer Baden-Württembergs in der Europäischen WährungsunionBuscher, Herbert S.; Stirböck, Claudia; Tykvová, Tereza; Westerheide, Peter
2000Exchange rate volatility effects on labour marketsStirböck, Claudia; Buscher, Herbert S.
2001Agglomeration tendencies in EU regions: where does capital go?Stirböck, Claudia
2002What Determines Relative Sectoral Investment Patterns in EU Regions?Stirböck, Claudia
2002Relative specialisation of EU regions: an econometric analysis of sectoral gross fixed capital formationStirböck, Claudia
2002Explaining the Level of Relative Investment Specialisation: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of EU RegionsStirböck, Claudia
2003Towards a single European market in asset managementHeinemann, Friedrich; Schröder, Michael; Schüler, Martin; Stirböck, Claudia; Westerheide, Peter
2004Comparing Investment and Employment Specialisation Patterns of EU RegionsStirböck, Claudia
2004A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Regional Specialisation Patterns Across EU RegionsStirböck, Claudia
2004Regional Income Convergence in the Enlarged Europe, 1995-2000: A Spatial Econometric PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Stirböck, Claudia
2005Pan-European Regional Income Growth and Club-Convergence - Insights from a Spatial Econometric PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Stirböck, Claudia
2006How strong is the impact of exports and other demand components on German import demand? Evidence from euro-area and non-euro-area importsStirböck, Claudia