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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 The Dynamics of Rural Development: Theory and ApplicationRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
1994 V-Goods and the Role of the Urban Informal Sector in DevelopmentRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
1997 Economic Growth and Human DevelopmentRamirez, Alejandro; Ranis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
2000 Strategies for Success in Human DevelopmentRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
2001 Growth and Human Development: Comparative Latin American ExperienceRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
2001 Decentralization in ArgentinaHabibi, Nadir; Huang, Cindy; Miranda, Diego; Murillo, Victoria; Ranis, Gustav; Sarkar, Mainak; Stewart, Frances
2003 Paths to Success: The Relationship Between Human Development and Economic GrowthBoozer, Michael; Ranis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances; Suri, Tavneet
2005 Human Development: Beyond the HDIRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances; Samman, Emma
2006 Do we need a new great transformation? Is one likely?Stewart, Frances
2006 Policies towards horizontal inequalities in post-conflict reconstructionStewart, Frances
2007 The implications of horizontal inequality for aidBrown, Graham; Stewart, Frances; Langer, Arnim
2007 Successful transition towards a virtuous cycle of human development and economic growth : country studiesRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances
2007 Country patterns of behavior on broader dimensions of human developmentRanis, Gustav; Stewart, Frances; Samman, Emma
2016 Horizontal inequalities and affirmative action: An analysis of attitudes towards redistribution across groups in AfricaLanger, Arnim; Stewart, Frances; Schroyens, Maarten
2018 Revisiting the methodology of Myrdal in Asian Drama 50 years onStewart, Frances