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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 The impact of road infrastructure on productivity and growth: some preliminary results for the German manufacturing sectorStephan, Andreas
1999 A political economy model of infrastructure allocation: an empirical assessmentCadot, Olivier; Röller, Lars-Hendrik; Stephan, Andreas
2000 Political economy of infrastructure investment allocation: evidence from a panel of large German citiesKemmerling, Achim; Stephan, Andreas
2000 The contribution of transport and human capital infrastructure to local private production: a partial adjustment approachStephan, Andreas
2000 Regionale Infrastrukturpolitik und ihre Auswirkung auf die Produktivität: Ein Vergleich von Deutschland und FrankreichAubert, Stephanie; Stephan, Andreas
2001 The contribution of local public infrastructure to private productivity and its political-economy: evidence from a panel of large German citiesKemmerling, Achim; Stephan, Andreas
2001 Regional infrastructure policy and its impact on productivity: a comparison of Germany and FranceStephan, Andreas
2002 Contribution to productivity or pork barrel? The two faces of infrastructure investmentCadot, Olivier; Röller, Lars-Hendrik; Stephan, Andreas
2002 Assessing the contribution of public capital to private productionStephan, Andreas
2002 Outsourcing and Firm-level PerformanceGörzig, Bernd; Stephan, Andreas
2002 A Schumpeter-inspired approach to the construction of R&D capital stocksBitzer, Jürgen; Stephan, Andreas
2003 Nachhaltiges wirtschaftliches Wachstum durch Innovation: die Rolle von kleinen und mittleren UnternehmenSoete, Birgit; Stephan, Andreas
2003 Productivity Differences in the European Union : National, Regional and Spatial EffectsGeppert, Kurt; Gornig, Martin; Stephan, Andreas
2003 Regional productivity differences in the European Union - Theoretical predictions and empirical evidenceGeppert, Kurt; Gornig, Martin; Stephan, Andreas
2004 The distribution and heterogeneity of technical efficiency within industries: An empirical assessmentFritsch, Michael; Stephan, Andreas
2004 What causes cross-industry differences of technical efficiency? An empirical investigationFritsch, Michael; Stephan, Andreas
2004 The Distribution and Heterogeneity of Technical Efficiency within Industries: An Empirical AssessmentFritsch, Michael; Stephan, Andreas
2004 Contribution to Productivity or Pork Barrel? The Two Faces of Infrastructure InvestmentCadot, Olivier; Röller, Lars-Hendrik; Stephan, Andreas
2004 What Causes Cross-industry Differences of Technical Efficiency? An Empirical InvestigationFritsch, Michael; Stephan, Andreas
2004 Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Firm LeverageBaum, Christopher F.; Stephan, Andreas; Talavera, Oleksandr