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2006The European Size Distribution of Firms and EmploymentStenkula, Mikael
2009Why Are There So Few Female Top Executives in Egalitarian Welfare States?Henrekson, Magnus; Stenkula, Mikael
2009Taxation and Entrepreneurship in a Welfare StateStenkula, Mikael
2009Entrepreneurship and Public PolicyHenrekson, Magnus; Stenkula, Mikael
2010Using Self-employment as Proxy for Entrepreneurship: Some Empirical CaveatsBjuggren, Carl Magnus; Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael
2010Taxation, Labor Market Policy and High-Impact EntrepreneurshipHenrekson, Magnus; Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael
2013Marginal taxation of labor income in Sweden from 1862 to 2010Du Rietz, Gunnar; Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael
2013Taxation of Goods and Services from 1862 to 2010Stenkula, Mikael
2014Taxation of Real Estate in Sweden (1862-2013)Stenkula, Mikael
2014A 150-year perspective on Swedish capital income taxationDuRietz, Gunnar; Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael
2014A 150-year Perspective on Swedish Capital Income TaxationDu Rietz, Gunnar; Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael
2015Swedish Taxation Since 1862: An OverviewHenrekson, Magnus; Stenkula, Mikael
2016The entrepreneurial rent: The value of and compensation for entrepreneurshipHenrekson, Magnus; Stenkula, Mikael
2017Institutional reform for innovation and entrepreneurship: An agenda for EuropeElert, Niklas; Henrekson, Magnus; Stenkula, Mikael
2018The Rise of Private Foundations as Owners of Swedish Industry: The Role of Tax Incentives 1862–2018Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael; Wykman, Niklas
2018The rise of private foundations as owners of Swedish industry: The role of tax incentives 1862-2018Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael; Wykman, Niklas
2019Intrapreneurship and trustElert, Niklas; Stam, Erik; Stenkula, Mikael
2019The rise and decline of private foundations as controlling owners of Swedish listed firms: The role of tax incentivesHenrekson, Magnus; Johansson, Dan; Stenkula, Mikael
2020Fertile Soil for Intrapreneurship: Impartial Institutions and Human CapitalLjunge, Martin; Stenkula, Mikael
2020Intrapreneurship: Productive, Unproductive, and DestructiveElert, Niklas; Stenkula, Mikael