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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992Re-migration behaviour and expected duration of stay of guest-workers in GermanySteiner, Viktor; Velling, Johannes
1992Where have all the workers gone? Employment termination in East Germany after unificationLicht, Georg; Steiner, Viktor
1993Long-term unemployment during the transition to a market economy: Eastern Germany after unificationSteiner, Viktor
1993Assimilation, labour market experience, and earnings profiles of temporary and permanent immigrant workers in germanyLicht, Georg; Steiner, Viktor
1993Testing for state dependence effects in a dynamic model of male unemployment behaviourFlaig, Gebhard; Licht, Georg; Steiner, Viktor
1994Labour market transitions and the persistence of unemployment: West Germany 1983 - 1992Steiner, Viktor
1994The East German wage structure in the transition to a market economySteiner, Viktor; Bellmann, Lutz
1995Modelling heaping effects in unemployment duration models - With an application to retrospective event data in the German socio-economic panelKraus, Florian; Steiner, Viktor
1995The Polish labour market in transitionSteiner, Viktor; Kwiatkowski, Eugeniusz
1996Die Entwicklung der Lohnstruktur im ostdeutschen TransformationsprozeƟSteiner, Viktor; Puhani, Patrick A.
1996Employment and Wage Effects of Social Security Financing: An Empirical Analysis of the West German Experience and some Policy SimulationsSteiner, Viktor
1996Public works for Poland? Active labour market policies during transitionPuhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor
1996Has earnings inequality in Germany changed in the 1980's?Steiner, Viktor; Wagner, Kersten
1997Economic Restructuring, the Value of Human Capital, and the Distribution of Hourly Wages in Eastern Germany, 1990 to 1994Steiner, Viktor; Puhani, Patrick A.
1997Employment Effects of Publicly Financed Training Programs The East German ExperienceKraus, Florian; Puhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor
1997Extended benefit entitlement periods and the duration of unemployment in West GermanySteiner, Viktor
1997Relative Earnings and the Demand for Unskilled Labor in West German ManufacturingSteiner, Viktor; Wagner, Kersten
1997East West German wage convergence - How far have we got?Steiner, Viktor; Wagner, Kersten
1998Industrial change, stability of relative earnings, and substitution of unskilled labor in West-GermanySteiner, Viktor; Mohr, Robert
1998Do public works programs work? Some unpleasant results from the East German experienceKraus, Florian; Puhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor